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Track Detail in GT5 Vastly Improved Over GT: Prologue |

Over at PlayStation University, they have these two comparison shots of the Fuji track, one taken from GT: Prologue and the other from GT5. For those who got the Time Trial/Demo, you know the track on there lacked a lot of graphical enhancements, but it was essentially the GT: Prologue graphics engine running on the GT5 physics engine.

This gives us a good idea of the enhancements made to the track’s detail (this is closer to the newest build; it’s from the GT Academy in France) showing some imperfections, especially in the grassy areas with missing/ripped away grass and dirt. A little piece of eye candy for y’all.

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  • I wonder if this is fixed or dynamic in the full game? i.e. will there will be tyre tracks where people cut corners, etc.

    Remember when GT4 Prologue was released with the new Autumn Ring track, where cars kicked up leaves on the corners?

  • Trieloth

    The lighting and detail is amazing. The wait is well worth it 🙂

  • Wow..

  • that looks sick! i hope its dynamic like Paranoimia said.

  • JimmyMagnum

    well, even if it isn’t, you still can’t really complain. At least they’ve done something with it lol. Also, if you watch the video in the link, the sides going down the straight are lined with dandelions and seed sprouts (from what I can tell anyway). If the ground does happen to have dynamic, real-time deformation, could one trample those as well? haha

  • Looking great. Just come out already.