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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Unlikely for E3 |

Tetsuya Nomura, in the latest Famitsu stated that development is indeed going smooth other then one thing and that is the map system. Due to this they are changing the map to be more like one found in an unnamed Final Fantasy title.

So because of the last minute changes, it is unlikely FFXIII Versus will be shown.

I’m guessing the game will be available in the year 6578 on the PS 930.

  • The hype for this game is slowly dieing for me…

  • genbatzu

    i want to play versus so badly :/
    soon i can play FFXII ofc, but i don’t think it will last until year 6578 🙁

  • SicSemperTyranis

    Just a thought…. Maybe it’s taking so long because like FFXIII they have to also work on the unannounced port to the 360.

  • Ceidz

    This is my most anticipated game for the entire PS3 !

  • Royalty32

    Yes this will be on 360. I say that because of one word. “MONEY”. Sqaure Enix isnt stupid, with the econmy bad it would be stupid not to go multiplatform. Final Finasty will no longer be exclusive to playstation. Better yet unless ur first party developers, i think everyone else will develop multiplatform. If u think about thats actually the way to go if u ask me.

  • lordincubus

    Royalty have you gotten your PS3 yet?

    This game is going to stink pretty bad. If they are having problems already why would they waste money on a fighting version of an RPG.

  • Royalty32

    Yep got my ps3 on Feb 5. PS3 120gb. It is awsome, way better than Xbox 360. Though the online might not be as good as xbox live but its free and im not complaining. I have MAG(awsome), Bioshock 2(little hard but good) and Darksiders(way better than i expected). Just waiting on GoW 3 and Red Dead Redemption. Thankx for askin.

    I dont think this game is gonna suck at all. me personally i dont like Final Fanstasy games but alot of ppl do. I wanna get in the RPG gaming but i just havent found the rite game.

  • I agree w/Royalty. Nomura may be the ‘Sony fanboy’ behind Versus but if the company wants this game to be PS360 then it’s going to end up that way.

  • EdEN

    Ok, I’ll be playing FF XIII in 3 weeks so I can wait for whatever FF XIII Versus ends up being. Maybe more news will come at the Tokio Game Show?

  • Royalty32

    Not a big fan of FF or RPG’s in general. FF looks to be the best rpg out there. My question is what is so good about FF to where there are crazed fans.

  • terribledeli

    It’ll depend on sales.

    If Square is satisfied with the 360’s numbers, they’ll naturally port it over. If the sales are lackluster, they’ll skip it all together. There’s no point in spending money porting over if fans aren’t receptive to the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe.

  • Royalty32

    I have no doubt that it will sell on 360. That is why sqaure enix made it multiplatform instead of a ps3 exclusive. More ppl in NA have Xbox’s that ps3’s. Not saying that it will sell more on 360 than ps3 but more money is always a plus. Honestly i think sells will favor ps3 3 to 1

  • Eddie

    I think I have to disagree but I don’t have anything supporting my theory other then my guy.

    I firmly believe that this one will stay exclusive.

    SE has already proven they can and will make games exclusive this gen. Star Ocean, Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery, etc, etc. Albeit these are for the 360 and these were developed by tri-ace while published by SE, the point still holds true.

    Not to mention there hasn’t been any inside industry rumors of this happening.

    If Nomura is to be believed…this game is being made with PS3 specifically in mind and stated that it would not be possible without blu-ray. Something that was not touted to my knowledge with FFXIII.

    So wait and see…we know SE has delays. It wouldn’t be SE if they didn’t.

  • genbatzu

    Royalty32: Not a big fan of FF or RPG’s in general. FF looks to be the best rpg out there. My question is what is so good about FF to where there are crazed fans.  

    i played nearly every FF – FF2-12, including all FFVII frenchises, except the mobile phone japanese only things, X-2 and Dissida: FF

    the reason (in my opinion, ofc) why FF is great and successful is the story, the incredible sound, the graphics and every FF is different! there are so many titles, but every one tells it own unique story.
    last but not least you can spent a lot of time for a FF-title. a lot of minigames (except FF13 :/) a storypart with 30-50h gameplay and a lot of sidequests and story unrelated stuff to do, so u can play easily more then 100 hours.

    it’s a JRPG, so of course it’s different from “western standards” but i never found a game here like FF (or Dragon Quest) .

    sry for my english >.<

  • Royalty32

    So i guy like me who only plays shooters and action/adventure games, how can i approach an rpg. Meaning i wanna get into rpg gaming but its so hard when there all the same or the game is to difficult to figure out etc. The only rpg that i like was Untold Legend Dark Kingdom but only because it was an fast paced hack n slash. Dont get me wrong ive tried other rpg’s like Dragon Age, Star Ocean for 360 and they just dont apeal to me. Now if ME would come to ps3(which it will) that could be an rpg for me but yeah, ill guess i just have to keep my eyes open.

  • genbatzu

    try Final Fantasy X the fights are completly turn based, so you have all time of the world to figure it out 😉

    ofcourse you need a PS2 for it 😉

    on the PS3 you can “test” RPGs with FF VII and FF VIII (PS1 Classics on PSN)
    there are a lot of other RPGs out, ven on the Xbox360 (last remnant for example) but i don’t know if this title is good :>

  • Ceidz

    I tried the demo of Last Remnant on PC (via Steam), and didn’t even play more than half an hour, it’s a weird game.
    On the other hand, like genbatzu said, FFX is really-REALLY good !

  • WhyWai

    having so many good action games nowadays, i wonder if versus able to stand out…

  • genbatzu

    WhyWai: having so many good action games nowadays, i wonder if versus able to stand out…  

    versus as action game?!
    isn’t it supposed to be a RPG?