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AVP Pre-order and Hunter Edition Codes are Not Working |

AVPThe Aliens vs. Predator pre-order and hunter edition codes for the PS3 are not currently working. Keep them as they are supposed to be fixed by the 25th. Sega released this statement on their blog:

SEGA has received reports of problems with the downloadable content (PDLC) for the PlayStation 3 version of Aliens vs. Predator. The reported issues center around a delay as to when the PDLC content will be available to access. SEGA is working hard to shorten the delay but understands that the live date will be February 25th.

We want to thank the AVP fans for their support and urge fans to retain the PDLC vouchers they have in their possession as retailers will not able to rectify this issue.

For further assistance please contact SEGA at [email protected] or directly by phone on 1-800-USA-SEGA

Dissapointing, but at least they are already working on it. I’ll be posting pics of the hunter edition face hugger, on my face, soon! 😎

  • Royalty32

    This game is trash. Played the MP demo and boi was it a snore.

  • Looking forward to the face hugger pic!

  • timmy

    i have the game and have mw2 and avp is far by the best game ever

  • David

    Can’t believe anyone would think this game was trash, or boring.

    The person, probably was too inept to understand it; which is quite amazing in itself.

    AWESOME GAME, and thanks for the info about the codes; I was wondering what the hell was going on with them.

  • oly1kenobi

    I wouldn’t call it the best game ever, but it’s definately fun. Codes still arent working.. probably the 25th like thye said 8-(

  • rylands

    id say the game looks good but the demo was crap

  • timmy

    yea the demo was crap

  • yay

    The hunter edition maps are game content maps much like the existing multiplayer maps are. they probably exist in everyones install, they were just “exclusive” to those who payed for the privelege to access them. they should have been included with every install as the current state of multi-play is a joke.