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Again with the Sony Patents! |

It seems Sony is filing patents for just about anything these days. Today, we have a patent for a universal game controller. The device is supposed to be like a universal remote, and it allows you to use it on different consoles.

Here’s where it gets a bit weird. This isn’t really a PS3 deal per say, but rather just an accessory for any system. How does it work? Apparently, it’s a controller-shaped housing (with shoulder buttons) with a built-in touch sensitive LCD display. The display acts as the face buttons (yes, you read that right), and it displays said buttons in a similar layout to the physical counterparts of the actual controller.

I don’t really see how this can be useful with the lack of any analog sticks. I also don’t really see the use of a touch screen LCD screen helping much since a lot of games out there basically require you to feel buttons with your hands, so a flat LCD screen could result in missed button presses, etc.

Nice thing is, they could build upon the concept and include features we are used to having (like analog sticks, etc). Until then, I don’t really see this type of product going anywhere at its current state.

You can view the patent here.

  • topthis

    Looks like they are blocking the possible ways for a 360 control could be made making it harder for the 360. lol 😛

  • SicSemperTyranis

    It actually seems like a good idea. It will also allow you to emulate controller layouts from older systems. This could be a good thing for all those emulator fans out there.

  • They are probably patenting this in case some iPhone developer / whoever patents it before them and sues Sony in future for a potential product, such as a controller with LCD feedback and customizable touch-sensitive buttons alongside a normal controller.

    That’s my take on the whole thing.

  • EdEN

    Sorry, but having a Touch-Screen only based input is why iPhone games can never truly compete with handhelds. You need SOME sense of feedback every now and then, and pressing on a touch screen doesn’t do it.