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Uncharted 2 Earns 10 Awards at AIAS Including Game of the Year

Naughty Dog can’t seem to be stopped on the award level of video games. Their super highly polished game rakes in the rewards time and time again.

AIAS, Uncharted 2 pulled 10 awards inluding “Game of the Year” award to only further solidify a job well done.

Awards Earned by Uncharted 2
-Game of the Year
-Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction
-Adventure Game of the Year
-Outstanding Achievement in Animation
-Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering
-Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
-Outstanding Achievement in Story
-Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition
-Outstanding Achievement in Game Play Engineering
-Outstanding Achiement in Sound Design

For a list of all awards click here


  1. genbatzu

    sounds even for uncharted2 a bit too much ^^
    (but ofc, the game is great! :> )

    but i don’t understand why CoD4 got 2 awards >.<

  2. Naughty Dog has to really outdo themselves when Uncharted 3 comes out.

  3. This was a great game. Where are the sales though. I mean 3 million is all well and good but there are about 30 million PS3 around the world. What are these poeple thinking, by not buying this game. Its a masterpiece. It really is.

  4. lordincubus

    I agree with Jerry…Mainly because it is me

  5. Royalty32

    i agree with jerry also but its not all about sales. So what it did only 3 million, it was the best game of 09 and one of the best gams of the decade. Congrats to Naughty Dod and all there success. Its well deserving and Uncharted 2 is truly a masterpiece to play. U3 will be even better.

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