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Uncharted 2 Earns 10 Awards at AIAS Including Game of the Year |

Naughty Dog can’t seem to be stopped on the award level of video games. Their super highly polished game rakes in the rewards time and time again.

AIAS, Uncharted 2 pulled 10 awards inluding “Game of the Year” award to only further solidify a job well done.

Awards Earned by Uncharted 2
-Game of the Year
-Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction
-Adventure Game of the Year
-Outstanding Achievement in Animation
-Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering
-Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
-Outstanding Achievement in Story
-Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition
-Outstanding Achievement in Game Play Engineering
-Outstanding Achiement in Sound Design

For a list of all awards click here

  • genbatzu

    sounds even for uncharted2 a bit too much ^^
    (but ofc, the game is great! :> )

    but i don’t understand why CoD4 got 2 awards >.<

  • Naughty Dog has to really outdo themselves when Uncharted 3 comes out.

  • jerry

    This was a great game. Where are the sales though. I mean 3 million is all well and good but there are about 30 million PS3 around the world. What are these poeple thinking, by not buying this game. Its a masterpiece. It really is.

  • lordincubus

    I agree with Jerry…Mainly because it is me

  • Royalty32

    i agree with jerry also but its not all about sales. So what it did only 3 million, it was the best game of 09 and one of the best gams of the decade. Congrats to Naughty Dod and all there success. Its well deserving and Uncharted 2 is truly a masterpiece to play. U3 will be even better.