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Valve Reconsidering PlayStation 3 Development? |

Valve has been notorious for slandering and generally ignoring the PS3 since about the time it has been released. The last title to hit the PS3 was the Orange Box, which had actually been outsourced to EA to get it running on the PS3 (with inferior results). They openly claimed that they wanted to get games out there to be enjoyed and not have to worry about the “technical mumbo jumbo” (from IGN) of the PS3’s architecture.

Well, Valve is now considering developing for Sony’s console. Left 4 Dead writer, Chet Faliszek, has recently made this statement:

Before we do anything on the PS3 we need to be able to support it in the right way, but we’ll look at it, and I’m sure down the road we’ll do it.

So going by this statement, it sounds as if Valve is warming up to the PS3, which is in complete contrast to what they had stated in the past. Reason for this? Maybe Sony’s recent success? Potential sales for going multiplatform? Blu-Ray? We probably won’t know for sure, but at least this could result in good ports of games (or games built from the ground up for the hardware).

Does this mean that PS3 owners could potentially see the Left 4 Dead series (which I don’t really care for) hit the console? Maybe, and given blu-ray’s space advantage, they could potentially have a sequel to L4D2, with that game and the first Left 4 Dead on the same disc, basically the ultimate bundle for PS3 fans. Chances of a developer doing something that nice, especially one famous for the negativity toward the console, are pretty slim. I guess from here on, we’ll have to see what comes to fruition.


  • terribledeli

    Unless Valve plans on porting something over on MSOffice, I doubt the writer is privy to any sort of secrets on the development team.

    Ignoring that, it sounds like the typical diplomatic response Valve has been pushing for months. They’re not stupid. PS3 owners may purchase their products on the PC so they don’t want to alienate that market. They pussy foot around the tough “Are you with us, or not?” question too often.

    Lastly, Valve is overrated. Except for Half Life 2. And maybe the first Left for Dead.

  • Mike

    Who cares? I haven’t even bought anything from them on Steam since they insist on making lousy zombie games rather than a new Half-Life.

  • Legion213

    I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s up to Gabba the Hutt to decide whether or not to put in some effort and learn how to develop on the PS3. Which so far he has no desire to.

  • JimmyMagnum

    lol, well, you know they gotta be thinking about it at this point, since getting used to the tech and understanding it will undoubtedly be advantageous to them, since it would increase their potential customer base, but we’ll see.

    and yeah, they should focus on anther Half Life, but they will probably have to make it Half Game since by then, it would have to be on multiple discs for the 360 and they’d want to cut back on the content so it won’t have to be 😛

  • If they did make anything for the PS3 it’d just be an inferior port job.

  • They should stay with PC. I don’t want their crap ports, plus, a very cheap pc can run their games so even my laptop can cope with them, so I don’t really care.

  • Royalty32

    I think i speak for all in saying “WHO CARES”

  • yodaddy

    yea… I would like to say F tha Hut… I really like Half Life 1&2, but If jabba has issues w/ PS3… I guess no more of my money in his pocket…

  • Gibb

    You can’t make PS3 games just by staring at it.