LBP DLC for 2/25/10 (Includes White Knight Costumes)

The White Knight costumes for your sackboys and girls will be available for download this Thursday, the 25th in the PSN store. I am not a fan of the White Knight Chronicles. however these costumes are awesome looking. There will be 4 costumes available, including the White Knight, the Black Knight, the Dragon Knight, and the boy Leonard.

White KnightBlack Knight
Dragon Knight Leonard

Each Costume will cost $1.99 or you can pick up all four for $4.99. I will definitely be picking these up.

Bridal costume

LBP DLC for the PSP, will be a Wedding Theme pack for $2.99. It will include 14 Materials, 15 Stickers, one Music Object, and a Background. There is also a Bridal Costume included, or if you don’t want the entire pack, you can pick up the costume for free. There is mention of a Top Hat and Bow Tie for the sackboys, however there was no picture released.

Written by: Oly - Senior PR Manager

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