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Rumor: Next Firmware to remove OtherOS feature? |

I can assure you, the Linux community will not go down without a fight. I personally hope Sony keeps the OtherOS feature. How many of you use Linux on your PS3? I did for a while, then I removed it since I didn’t use it much. But I like the option to do so. When I eventually upgrade my hard drive, I’d like to put Linux on there.

This post came from the YellowDog Linux forums:

“Everyone, I’ve caught a rumor from a reputable source that the next firmware update for old PS3s will remove the OtherOS feature… I’m not sure if it’s true or not but it’s in the best interest of the YDL community to spread the word.”

Spread the word if you don’t want to see Linux support axed on the PS3.


  • EdEN

    Well, the Slim models already have this option removed so it seems natural that Sony would do that to the rest by firmware.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I doubt they’d go and take it away from the consoles that already have it. Thats like Sony coming to my house and stealing my backwards compatibility, card readers, and 2 of my USB ports haha

  • This will just hurt all the Educational institutions that use the PS3 as a low cost supercomputer.
    I’m not that hurt by it sine I’d rather be playing games on my PS3. I if want to play with linux I can get a machine that cheaper than the original PS3 to play around on.

  • earl

    I doubt this is true. Piracy is eventually going to happen, whether they use linux or not. I really think there could be some sort of class action about this if they in fact do remove the feature and force us to upgrade to play current games. As long as I can play GOW3 and FF without any new firmware updates, I won’t have to worry about it for a loooong time, no upates for me!
    I’ve been working on getting the zerogame thing running on my machine, can’t wait!

  • This wouldn’t effect 99% of the PS3 users, but it would be bad for institutions, and for people who want to practice cell programming on the cheap.

    Because they were selling at a loss, it is logical that Sony would remove the feature, they were essentially subsidizing these researches. However, since these PS3’s won’t get Sony any more money as no games are going to be bought for them, I would like Sony to sell Linux enabled slims with profit, to both keep the scientific spirit going and let Sony earn some money along the process.

  • earl

    well, they used it as a selling point, they shouldn’t take that away after we buy it.