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SCE to be Renamed SNEP Then Back to SCE Again? Wait What? |

Sony basically said they will absorb the network services (which involves the game unit) into the parent company. Then it will split its game unit from the parent company again.

The reorganization will proceed in three stages; Sony Computer Entertainment will change its name to SNE Platform, but its key game console and software operations will then be split off to a new company called Sony Computer Entertainment. Sony will then absorb SNE Platform effective April 1.

Now I can’t for the life of me figure out why its being done this way. There has to be something gained or they are preventing some loss.

Kaz Hirai will be the head of SNEP which will just be for networked and mobile services, but there is no mention if he will stay the CEO of the game division that will temporarily be named SNEP then back to SCE again.

They also noted that 8000 jobs will be cut and many unprofitable businesses will be stopped.

Edit: It looks like this will drop the “Inc.” off of the SCE and Sony is referring to this as a “new birth”.


  1. 8000 jobs ?! That’s a lot of people there …. !!

  2. Hello economic world meltdown, long time no see!

  3. April 1st…

    maybe it’s all a bad joke to some executives and accountants?

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