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God of War III Will Have Seamless Loading |


As JimmyMagnum informed us God of War III will NOT have a HDD install. Because of this some people were worried about load times being a little longer than expected. Well, according to Christer Ericson, Director of Technology at Sony Santa Monica Studio, there will be no load screens. He also mentioned 10 hours of game play. He stated all this via twitter:

And since people asked: #GoW3 has seamless loading. No install, followed by 10+ hours of play uninterrupted by load screens!
1:04 AM Feb 24th via web

Uninterrupted 10+ hours of game play! Another reason to not miss this game.

  • terribledeli

    10 hours you say, God of War?

    I managed to crack both BioShock 2 and Heavy Rain in under 10 hours.

    We shall see.

    Provided Yakuza 3 isn’t that awesome I can’t put it down.

  • GOW 1 + 2 were both exactly the same length and had barely any loading either so I’m not surprised at all. He also amusingly tweeted;

    “We started the 360 port, but it quickly became apparent 360 couldn’t handle GoW3! ;)”

  • oly1kenobi

    Ya just read that too.. lol WESOME! PS3 FTW

  • Royalty32

    Now thats what im talkin bout. GoW3 all day

  • EdEN

    GoW 1 and 2 were 10 hours long… really? I seem to remember they were in the 15 -20 hours category. Oh wait, nope, that’s what took me to do the game plus the last difficulty for the extras.

  • oly1kenobi

    BTW if u missed quicknews, DEMO is out inthe store!

  • genbatzu

    for GoW 1 i needed ~8h with challenge of the titants. GoW2 ~10h.

    In an interview they said, GoW3 will have plenty more gameplayhours, 10h+ maybe even 15-20h? who knows =)

  • Royalty32

    OMG. Just saw new gameplay footage of god of war 3. Im gonna say this right now, this game is the BEST looking console game hands down. I was just watching gametrailers tv and OMFG this game is gonna to blow everything out of the water. WOW! I didnt wanna be a believer when they said no CG but boi was i wrong everything is real-time, just go see it for yourself.

  • Hadn’t played GOW I or II before, last night checked out the demo. I will buy it indeed but I realised I am not a GOW guy, the demo didn’t provide so much fun.

  • I’ve never played GOW before either, outside of a demo of the first game.

    Anyone know how much replay value this one will offer?

  • As much as any linear game does, the GOW series offers some good rewards by playing through at higher difficulties and to be honest they are worth playing through at least twice.

  • Royalty32

    I like linear games because they tell the story better than like an open world game. It keeps u on a straight path and doesnt try to rush u with other stuff. GoW 1 and 2 didnt have that much replay value i dnt see gow3 havin any either but the experience that gow3 will bring will be epic. This will be the best game of 2010 hands down in my opinion. plus its absolutly GERGOUS. When they said this is a painting come to life, it truly is.

  • oly1kenobi

    @Emrah Im with you.. never found the run and push buttons as fast as u can to kill everyone around you, very entertaining for

  • BTW, seemless -> seamless