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Sega will replace AVP Hunter Edition Facehuggers with Broken Tails |

The packaging of the Facehuggers caused many of the tails to literally break off. I went through 3 packages before settling on one that was only torn, vs. completely broken off. According to SEGA, there are a “small amount” of damaged tails, however the gamestop I bought mine from had 4 of the 7 they received completely broken off, and 2 torn. SEGA has stepped up to the plate and is offering to replace any damaged facehuggers free of charge.

SEGA is solely responsible for replacing the damaged facehuggers. We would like to ask for gamers to NOT go to the original retailer where they purchased Aliens vs. Predator from for a replacement.

In order to make this replacement process as efficient as possible we ask that gamers go to and follow the detailed instructions on the webpage or call 1-800-USA-SEGA to register themselves for a replacement facehugger. Once again there will be no charge of any kind for obtaining a replacement facehugger.

SEGA would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our fans. We ask for their patience as we work quickly to replace the damaged facehuggers.

They are requiring the DLC code for the exclusive map pack as proof of purchase. There is also no mention of sending in the old one.

Looks like I’ll be getting a new one and might be able to keep the broken one. I’ll then post the pic of it on my face, even though it is a little small. The facehugger, not my face! 😎

On a side note, the Pre-order codes have been reported to be working as of this morning.


  • Looking forward to the pic! So is the face hugger rubber?

  • oly1kenobi

    It is made of rubber. The body is pretty sturdy, the legs (fingers) are rubber with wire to make them poseable, but the tail is kinda flimsy rubber, thus the problem with them breaking. The tail was folded in half in the packaging. The only real problem i have with it besides that, is that its not life size. A little small .. lol

  • EdEN

    Too bad the huggers have Big Daddy syndrome…

  • phill

    going on being out for 3 weeks and still no replacements or an email responce from sega

  • H King

    I have it on “some” authority, that there will be very few replacements sent out. Seems there is a quality control issue and no one cares to deal with it. Having a broken facehugger with a missing tail, and a hole in my wallet where $100 used to be, it just rattles my cage to be screwed like this.

    Thanks Sega for the memories