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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine |

THQ posted 2 new screens today for the upcoming PS3 game Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.

Space Marine looks to be filled with tons of action, and is said to have some RPG elements implemented as well, as your unit will be somewhat customisable. You play as a space marine fighting off an alien orc invasion. You will definitely be fighting along side a squad, however any command of that squad, as well as co-op or multiplayer options are being held tightly under wrap a this time. There are also hints to other races, and possible vehicle involvement.

Here is the great looking trailer.

According to Jerry Edsall, Lead Programmer at Relic Entertainment, “All the action sequences you saw used our brand new game engine. Even that last scene, with the Titan in the distance and the Nuke going off.” The new engine is being called Phoenix, and was built exclusively for console development.

This game is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated games.

  • If I can turn the blood off, this is a buy for me and my son 🙂

    That’s a nifty-looking game engine they’ve got there…

  • oly1kenobi

    Doubt the blood will be able to be turned off. I wish they would add that kinda option to games. Specificaly language and nudity/sexual situations. My son is 12, and I’m debating letting him play GOW3. Heavy Rains is a definate no.. etc.. With an option for children setting, I would be buying more games probably.

  • Royalty32

    @ oly1kenobi if u dnt want ur son to play games with lots of blood and gore u might not want him to play gow3. That game is as bloody as they come. So just a heads up but if i were u i would let him because gow3 will be an experience like no other and yes im a father of two boys so i feel what u sayin.

  • oly1kenobi

    Bllod and gore I dont mind soo much.. it’s mainly the sexual stuff. GOW3 does have a sex scene in it. The good news is I believe it can be skipped.

  • Nikolas

    I’m sorry but you cannot go “I don’t want blood and gore in GoW3 or SPACE MARINE”. It’s wrong and it defeats the object of the game. Switching it off is something that would loose the atmosphere of the game.

    Space Marines, Go read all the Lore on them and how they go to war…. then you’ll understand the blood is needed