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God Of War III Videos |

Don’t ask me what’s in these videos, I’m actually avoiding them as I want to wait to experience it all first hand but for those who can’t wait? Feel free to watch and enjoy;

OK. OK. so I had a sneak peek and it looks ridiculously amazing and if you haven’t tried it already the demo hit the PS store yesterday.

  • Royalty32

    Im who believes graphics are 60% on why i buy a game. I say that because of the developers who claim that they have a gergous game. GoW3 is pushin the boundaries on not just graphics but the scale of the game. GoW3 has the best graphics to date on a console. Better than U2, MGS4, ME2 and Halo:Reach. I watched gametrailers tv this morning and i was just in shock. My mouth was on the floor the whole tyme they were showing GoW3. Just the scale of this game alone has never been seen in a game thus far. i mean the titans are enormous and HIGHLY detailed. Like really im jus speechless on how amazing this game looks. To be honest i dnt see any other game winning goty besides gow3. Man, im jus like in complete aw mode rite now, there are jus so many thoughts about this game in my head its crazy. March 16th will be a good day in gaming history.

  • Must …. not ……. watch ……..

  • lordincubus

    I watched it…Loved it. Want to watch it again but I am at work. This game is going to be amazing. I finally pre-ordered the game and got the demo. One thing I am really impressed with is the sound of the game. My subs are crappy and the game sounded amazing on them. Which is not the case for most games (e.g MW2, Assasins Creed etc.) Does anyone know why this could be? Did the developers really do something different with their sound design.

    Can’t wait till the 16th!!! Also want to point out that Gamestop is doing a special for this and FF13 if you trade in any of the games that came out in the last 7 months you can get a GOW3 for $19.99. I am planning on giving in KillZone 2 or Assasins Creed 2.

  • yodaddy

    17 days and waiting….

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