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The Current State of the PS3 In Stores |

As many of you know, I got the dreaded blinking red light of death on my launch 60 gig PS3 last week. With FFXIII coming out in a week and a half, sending it out for repair/refurb really wasn’t an option so I decided that I was going to purchase a new PS3 Slim.

Little did I know that PS3’s don’t exist. On Best Buy’s website, you can check the stores inventory online by using the “check stores” option. THREE states, out of the entire USA actually has a Best Buy with a PS3 in stock. Those 3 states are Vermont, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and yes I did a search on all 50 states.

Gamestop is actually taking reservations for PS3’s as we speak for $25 down. No Gamestop on the East Coast has a PS3 in stock other then used ones.

I got the very last PS3 from the Pennsylvania store. It was a 45 minute drive to get to the store so I consider myself super lucky to be able to obtain that.

Sony warned us that this was coming. That the PS3 will be harder and harder to find.

What could be causing these shortages?

  • Congrats on finding one Eddie.

    I’m not surprised there’s a shortage. As of December ’09 Sony shipped 6.5m PS3 SLIMs worldwide and sold 5.8m of those. Almost 90%.

  • I also got the dreaded red blinking light and before that happened my blu-ray drive would not read any type of disc at all. This happened after having the PS3 for about 2 years. That kinda sucks compared to my ps2 which I gave to a relative and it still works!! It is about 7 years old.

    So I too just bought a new PS3 slim and happened to get lucky at a best buy after checking two different Gamestops in my area and finding out they were all sold out and not getting any for a few weeks.

    I am glad to have it back. I missed it soooo much. lol

  • Heemz

    There is also places like costco and sams! I got
    mine there a few weeks ago they had plenty!

  • Eddie

    Not always true Heemz. Both BJ’s in my area, a Costco and Sam Club were all sold out. The only one that had any systems was BJ’s online and they only sell their personal bundles that are over priced.

  • Eddie

    As of yesterday….Amazon has sold out as well….

  • JimmyMagnum

    not surprised. too bad this will hurt overall sales for next month, if they can’t ramp up production. It’s one of those scenarios that is both bitter and sweet. Bitter because of the lack of available systems at this point and sweet because the PS3 is finally moving a good amount of product

  • GOD of War is coming, Heavy Rain arrived, then there’s this thing called Final Fantasy (although multiplat, I’d say the brand recognition is a bit on Sony’s side).. There will be few Ps3 left on shelves, if any, during march!

  • Sinlock

    When you say “sending it out for repair/refurb really wasn’t an option” do you mean that Sony will no longer referb Gen1’s? Or is it that you didn’t want to deal with the long wait to get it back.

    So what is the issue?
    Has there been a manufacturing slowdown?
    Or has Demand outpaced the Supply?

  • Eddie

    I wouldn’t have gotten it back in time for FFXIII was my problem. So I’m using this oppurtunity to get me a new PS3 as well as get my old one repaired. I could use a PS3/Blu-ray in my bedroom.

  • terribledeli

    Like the Wii “shortages”, I’m fairly certain it has to do with holding back stock for God of War 3’s release.

    The missus used to work at Best Buy and she would regularly have to inform customers (particularly regarding Wii’s) they were out of stock, when in fact there were mountains in the stock room because Nintendo and/or Best Buy put the product in the ad weeks in advance and intended to have some product to sell that week.

    With the exception of one my local Gamestops (out of four), we’ve got them around here. Sams Club “claims” to be out of stock, but they probably should keep their “out of stock” items out of view of customers.

    I believe this “shortage” is as phony as a three dollar bill.

  • Eddie

    I’m not sure what they would have to gain by faking a shortage before God of War 3.

    Unlike the Wii….the PS3 is not still selling a million units a month world wide like the Wii was during its shortage. Nor is the PS3 anywhere near the hottest thing since sliced bread according to consumer interests.

    While false shortages can spurn demand on a product thats already in high demand, false shortages on a product that sells averagely, well that just kills what sales you could have gotten.

    We have seen this once in the past and it was only due to industry leaks that we knew why and that was the launching of the Slim. The fat models were being sold through to make room for the Slim versions.

    With E3 around the corner, it wouldn’t be far fetched to think that they are clearing the racks to make room for a new sku/model/version that amazing didn’t slip through the cracks.

  • Royalty32

    It comes to no surprise to me that ps3’s are selling out. With a very reasonable price, blu-ray, bluetooth, removable hdd, free online and dnt forget the games, i see ps3’s selling out from here until its time is due. Not to mention the month of march is crazy. Ill definitly be getting FF13 for the fiance and GoW3 and gta: stories of liberty city for myself. Its now a matter of time before ps3 overtakes 360.

  • Heemz

    Well then! That is just crazy… Wonder what they are up to, I agree with you Eddie holding back is counter productive, must be with swapping out for new skus or trying to push some new bundles?

  • JimmyMagnum

    I worked in the warehouse at a local circuit city a few years back and we had like 17 wiis come in, but we could only hold them for about 3-5 days (depending on which replenishment truck had the stock) because of the Sunday ad (we didn’t have them stocked up for any longer), and the reasoning behind this was to not freak customers out and cause a rampage, so we could hand out fliers for that Sunday morning (since the ads were the ones that said *limited stock available*, and the stores had to guarantee they had some, but it was first come first serve). They even blocked the registers from being able to sell that particular SKU.

    As for the PS3, the production probably hasn’t been able to keep pace with the surge in demand. They are probably holding back on distributing it so there would be a decent amount available for GoW3, etc. but not completely intentional