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Heavy Rain Launch Event |


Heavy Rain was launched with an even in Paris this week, check out some pics of the actors as well as a fancy ice sculpture and the Heavy Rain mobile. Also after the break are 2 videos the first; showing coverage of the event and the second a short film asking the how far would you go for love? This video includes David Cage, Samuel L. Jackson and Nicholas Hoult of all people describing how far they would go. Also after the jump is a full gallery of pics.

Paris Launch Event

How Far Would You Go For Love?


  • Royalty32

    This is an amzing game. Its so different from every other game but its done so well. The story maybe slow at first but after an hour or so things start to get intense. Beatiful graphics and the somewhat ME branch tree are the highlights of the game. The only downfall for me is the contol. Im surpriesd though becuase its not the quick time events but the actual movement of the charcter. i wish the would of put it to the two thumbs sticks but i realize why they didnt. This game is great and an experience evryone should enjoy. 9.5/10