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Lost Planet 2: Box Art and Exclusive Maps |

Capcom released the box art for Lost Planet 2 today (seen above). They also announced that two exclusive multiplayer battle maps for Lost Planet 2 will be available with pre-orders  at GameStop. 

Lost Planet 2 adds two very welcome new features to FPS games. First is Underwater combat. You will be swimming and shooting at the same time!  

The second is Splitscreen support. Play side by side with your friend on the same PS3. Why other games, like MW2, haven’t added this feature is beyond me.

Here’s some details on the maps:
The underwater NEVEC mining facility houses several layers and twisted corridors.  Swim between the layers, or dive to the bottom to change your point of attack.  Aqua Catapults can launch you to the upper levels in a hurry, and you must learn every corner and get the upper hand on your enemies.   

Back to the Island 
The shady atoll of Island 902 is broken into wide open spaces and compact interiors.  Choose your battlefield from the beaches to the battered carrier, or explore a new dimension in the underwater battle.  Control the bridge to dominate the map, but beware attacks from all sides.   


  • Darrin

    From the demo, this game really has great co-op campaign and great epic boss battles. Can’t wait to get the final release.

  • jacobfett

    The demo is out?

  • AJ

    When did I demo come out? I was waiting.