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PlayStation Network Outage Update |

Though this error has happened in the past (8001050F), but it had never happened on this scale, the outage seems to be worldwide, and affecting a huge majority of users. It’s causing people to lose trophy data, inability to access even single player games (like Heavy Rain) and causes some corrupted data. Jeff Rubenstein of SCEA has updated the public on the official blog stating:

We’re aware that many of you are having difficulty connecting to the PlayStation Network this evening. Those of you with “slim” PS3s (the 120/250 GB models) appear to be unaffected.

Know that we have narrowed down the issue and have engineers working to restore service even as you read this. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and genuinely appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this.

Is the not-affecting-slim deal accurate? I feel a lot of folks here have a Slim and are having the same problem, so it seems more universal than being isolated to the fat systems. Since they know what’s causing the issue, it should be back up in due time. One thing I definitely advise you to do, though, is not to attempt to play ANY games just in case the error irreversibly deletes all trophy data. Apparently other things affected are downloadables (DLC, movies etc), saying the content wasn’t purchased or something along those lines, so just to be on the safe side, don’t use your PS3 until the issue is resolved, even if you haven’t tried to see if you’ve gotten the errors.

Also, this site has been hit with heavy traffic, so you may get some Internal Server Errors, so to save up on some of the bandwidth, Tosh currently only has 1 post on the home page and I opted not to use an image on this to more effectively get the word out to our readers.

This error is happening on non-connected PS3s as well, which means there’s something wrong with the firmware. People are calling it the Y2K10 or 02/28/2K10 bug, since it usually reverts the system clock back to 1999. For some reason, this affects almost everything else as well, and the only probable fix will be a firmware update. Some folks are thinking that the PS3 and the system clock want to recognize 2010 as a leap year, and the calendar says “no way dude, that’s not for a couple years”, and the conflict is causing the system to crap all over itself. I still advise to not even bother touching the system until the issue is resolved, though (manually setting the clock won’t work either).

And yeah, it’s confirmed the Slim systems are just fine. Sounds like a definite incompatibility issue with the firmware and the older models.

  • oly1kenobi
  • oly1kenobi

  • i turned on my pre-slim PS3 (original 60GB) just to see what’s going on. the clock was set to 1999, but i had no problem setting it manually to the correct time and date, so i don’t know if it’s a y2k-type deal.

    i was able to play some offline games just fine (both downloadable and on blu-ray).

    if psn is giving people weird issues, why don’t they just disconnect the ps3 from the internet completely? just unplug that ethernet cable (or disable/delete the wireless internet setting). it’s be just as if you didn’t have internet, right?

  • JimmyMagnum

    some people are still having the issue even without being connected. Manually setting the day and time still dont work on my end either (I mean, it sets it, but it doesnt fix the issue). Some people who have the system have said, even with their systems not being online at all, they turned it on and had the issue, so its not a network problem and is most likely a fluke in the firmware or hardware

  • correction: i was able to play downloaded demos, but not purchased games. i guess it has to check online for purchased games. which sucks if your internet goes down, too– no purchased dlc will work?

  • JimmyMagnum

    not even the free DLC works apparently (and themes are seen as corrupted data as well). This is most definitely something with the firmware or hardware

  • @JimmyMagnum: i see… that sucks!

  • genbatzu

    since today? 1st march?
    i had no problems yesterday…

  • oly1kenobi

    def sux.. and I have dissconnected mine, reset dates.. tried accounts with no PSN account what so ever, and nothing has worked to allow me to play Heavy Rain..

  • oly1kenobi

    @genbatzu started 3/1/10 12am(midnight) GMT for everyone.. or 2/29/2010 for us Y2/29/10k believers

  • genbatzu

    thx for the info, i’ll check my ps3 after work… hope i’m not affected :>

  • Michael

    Well this is pretty odd. Wont it be fun for Sony if this is part of the DRM (tpm) chip … this just doesn’t sound like a ‘clock chip’ bug.

    I already tried logging in a couple of times before searching on the net for the error but since all I wanted to use was PlayTV and that is working (apart from forgetting the tv guide from the date change), I left it running.

    Anyway, good to see it isn’t just me.

  • Michael

    PS what’s with some of the comments on other sites I found via google before coming here, people going completely off their nut for not being able to play games for a couple of hours?

  • oly1kenobi

    Ya, if it’s the chip we r all in for some tough no game times ahead 😎
    Regarding the people going nuts.. Hard work and effort put into trophies that they are fearing are lost is causing the paranoia..

  • oly1kenobi

    also some of us have become Heavy Rain addicts these last couple days 😀

  • Ozzy

    i blame the movie leap year, it had all our ps3s confused

  • Jereth Khan

    I can’t login into or I’d post there lol. It’s more than a date/time issue, something has actually removed all user ownership from everything, it’s not the PSN. I just updated the life app with no issues (PSN network updates it). Without ownership you’d not earn trophies, login, or play any game that requires an owner (look at some of the properties of some of the downloads) this includes games with saves and trophies that are user specific. Resetting the system doesn’t help, so don’t waste your time, perhaps a full restore will fix it, but I’m not trying that right now, maybe later if they don’t fix it. If anyone can log into the blog on and repost this, please do.

  • Jereth Khan

    I slapped in the original 40GB HDD and reset everything to factory, still no dice. This system updates, which is good, that means they can still do a remote patch. Also, although I can’t log into the PSN Store, I can still download apps like “Life with Playstation”

  • crispy

    Trophy data won’t go anywhere, I logged into my PSN account online and trophies are still visible even though they have gone from my system.

    Biggest worry is how are they going to fix this? If you can’t connect to psn how can you download an update/fix?

    This has been reported as occuring in previous years on the 28th of feb and the fixes I’ve seen were to send the unit back for repair. The biggest change since then is the massive increase in trophy support in games which would explain why it is so widespread this year. Some muppet decided to make failture to connect to the trophy database a fatal error, god knows why…

    Fingers crossed it all rights itself tomorrow morning, but I feel for all the users who will have paniced and formatted their machines before Googling the error code. I’m sure Sony are crossing their fingers too, if it was just a server issue or something they knew how to fix it wouldnt have taken this long… My guess is they are screwed, just like Toyota! lol

  • Lol

    I was playing fallout 3 when the problem came. Badly I had almost 80% of trophies and suddenly I dint have any 0.0, good thing I sync hours ago before this.

  • crispy

    un-synced trophies may be toast… When the game fails to connect to psn it removes it from the trophy page on your machine. They may just be hidden but no way of knowing till this gets fixed.

    Dont try loading any other games or they will be removed too!

  • JimmyStewart

    Ran into this issue last night on the bedroom launch console. Woke up to find articles about the outage everywhere! Glad to know it’s not me.

    @crispy –
    Maybe it’s different for other people, but I just tried to “update” my firmware on the PS3 that’s affected and it said I have the current firmware installed. So, at least in my case, not logging into PSN doesn’t affect my ability to update the system through the PS3. If in anyway it WAS affected, you can always download the updates through the officially Sony PS3 website, then you just toss them on a USB stick and install them that way! I’ve done that in the past with my PS3s. The installs used to take HOURS on my consoles, and half the time they’d fail. So I’d go to the website and use the USB stick, that way I knew I had the download already and didn’t need to redo that part on both consoles. It turned a headache into a pretty cool feature, and it’s something that would work here as well. (And as a side note the updates have gotten a lot faster and I haven’t seen one fail in over a year!)

  • crispy

    that’s good news, I wasn’t game enough to mess around too much. Just switched it off and will wait and see what the fix is.

    My update speeds and general stability have been great lately too. Hopefully its just a case of either it fixing itself tomorrow so the date issue is gone or they release an update.

    Most of the fat consoles will be well out of warranty if this needs hands on repairs…

  • philip

    am i the only one who thinks its creepy that the clocks were all set back to the day before y2k was all supposed to go down? haha

  • philip

    oh and does this mean that when they do fix this crap all of our online purchased material is out the door?

  • JimmyMagnum


    @Todd: he’s most likely up to date, JS doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who wouldn’t update when a new one is available.

    Anyway, as far as trophies go, if they were synced, you shouldn’t have to worry. If you havent synced in a while, to be on the safe side, don’t try anything.

    Also, just a theory, forgot who, but someone mentioned the DRM. Would it be possible that, maybe, the DRM relies on the date being correct, and with the date system going on the fritz, it caused the DRM to lock itself out?

  • I can’t sign in either, the date went back to 12/31/1999, i have the 60gb console. i cannot play purchased games from the ps store. I also have peggle bought from the ps store, and it freezez as after the sony logo screen, Please fix this already i need to play MW2.

  • JimmyStewart

    I’m on version 3.15, just like I’m assuming everyone else is. I even forced that one through before it was suggested. As JimmyMagnum said I do like my updates!

    Came back for a semi-unconfirmed update. I saw an article on Google News just now from a website I’m unfamiliar with ( Here’s the snippet that was ‘new’, I can’t really say how reliable it is… but I figured I’d pass it along.

    “After calling Sony’s technical support and speaking to one of their representatives, we were told the issue would be fixed by morning and that there is no need to fear about game’s trophies or save data, so it’s safe to assume these will be fine once the problem is taken care of. It sounds like the fix will be made relatively soon and that there won’t be any ill side-effects from the bug. What time the fix will go up exactly is yet to be determined.”

  • Mayhem

    I just updated mine now and have the same problem as all of you but my worry is that as we are all unable to connect to the network, does this mean we will have to download the fix then upload via a flash drive and run the fix manually? If this is the case, there is going to be alot of problems with people who are not tech saavy.

    Just a thought

  • Jay

    this post is old news. the outage today is scheduled until 5PM PST, so don’t worry about it today