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The Weekly Recap (February 21st-27th)

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After spending the past couple hours on trying to figure out how to make an interactive graph akin to Darrin’s Sales Data charts, I finally figured it out. Thanks to Darrin for pointing me in the right direction, though! To see why I needed it, be sure to check out the “Poll” tab. Makes Poll results look much better this way, too :D.

As far as the content this week, we managed to get 28 counted submissions (weekly and community-based articles are not counted). That’s a bit more than what we’ve been getting, and with PAX coming up later this month (March), we’re sure to get a bunch of stuff to report then. As for this week? Not too sure, but we’ll see (as with the upcoming weeks). I know BFBC2 will be hitting store shelves and everyone is raving about the game.

Kind of went off track there haha. This week’s news circled around mostly media, such as trailers, TV spots, and a few other pieces. There were some games industry-related “News” though, including Warner buying out Rocksteady (the guys behind Arkham Asylum, WRC looking into real-time positioning data, more RAM available to developers to access, and the start of the PS3 shortage.

We’ve also got a couple reviews by Trev, including Heavy Rain and the new Resident Evil 5 DLC. Fleakitten also had a very popular editorial, this one about FPS games ruining the industry, which won both “Most Comments” and “Most Liked”.

God of War II also had a bit of a showing as well, including exclusive gameplay for GameTrailers TV, the E3 2009 demo hitting the PlayStation Store last Thursday, and no install data alongside seamless loading. The game will be hitting the states two weeks from Tuesday, with other areas getting it later that week.

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Alright, first off, the winner for Heavy Rain was announced last Sunday, with Emrah taking home the prize. Lucky. Maybe I would have had a better chance if I submitted 4 entries as opposed to one :lol:. Eddie has also officially confirmed that he will be representing the site over in Boston during the PAX, which takes place on March 26th. I’m sure this will be the first of many Live Blogged expos. GDC and E3? Here we come… 😛

Here’s this week’s recognitions:

Contributor of the Week

  • oly1kenobi – 9 Entries

QuickNews Contributor of the Week

  • oly1kenobi – 5 Entries

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God of BluRay
fleakitten – February 21st

Heavy Rain Review
Trev – February 21st

Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
oly1kenobi – February 21st

Prison Break: The Conspiracy Trailer
oly1kenovi – February 22nd

Rumor: Next Firmware to remove OtherOS feature?
Tosh – February 22nd

LBP DLC for 2/25/10 (Includes White Knight Costumes)
oly1kenobi – February 22nd

Heavy Rain TV Ad
Tosh – February 23rd

The PS3 Now Has 70MB of Additional RAM?
JimmyMagnum – February 23rd

Warner Buys Out Rocksteady
JimmyMagnum – February 23rd

God of War III Will NOT Have HDD Install
JimmyMagnum – February 23rd

Less Content in Western Release of Yakuza 3
JimmyMagnum – February 23rd

SCE to be Renamed SNEP Then Back to SCE Again? Wait What?
Eddie – February 24th

How the Success of the FPS Genre is Ruining Gaming
fleakitten – February 24th

Where Does the $60 You Pay For a Game Go?
oly1kenobi – February 25th

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Brochure
Trev – February 25th

Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmares Review
Trev – February 25th

Don’t Redeem That Heavy Rain Voucher Code Just Yet
Trev – February 25th

UNCHARTED 2: Multiplayer Pack “Drake’s Fortune ” in PSN Store Today
oly1kenobi – February 25th

Sega will replace AVP Hunter Edition Facehuggers with Broken Tails
oly1kenobi – February 25th

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
oly1kenobi – February 25th

God of War III Will Have Seamless Loading
oly1kenobi – February 25th

God Of War III Videos
Trev – February 26th

Transformers: War for Cybertron Gameplay Trailer
oly1kenobi – February 26th

WRC Real-Time Positioning in Future WRC Game(s)?
JimmyMagnum – February 26th

Just Cause 2 Demo Next Week
JimmyMagnum – February 26th

MAG Patched to v1.03
Trev – February 27th

The Current State of the PS3 In Stores
Eddie – February 27th

Jason Rubin Turns Bitter
Darrin – February 27th

Charted 3.5 Million
fleakitten – February 20th

Heavy Rain Banned In The United Arab Emirates
oly1kenobi – February 22nd

Heavy Rain DLC “The Taxidermist” Delayed
JimmyMagnum – February 22nd

Borderlands DLC: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx available Thursday
oly1kenobi – February 23rd

PS3 Sales up 160% at Amazon
oly1kenobi – February 23rd

GOW3 Demo Available in the PS Store
oly1kenobi – February 25th

Killzone 2 DLC Giveaway Today!!
oly1kenobi – February 25th

Capcom Promises “Huge Announcement” in April
fleakitten – February 26th
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Thanks to Darrin for pointing me in the right direction to get an interactive chart on here for poll results! To see what the choices were, click on a slice and it will tell you what it’s for and how many votes it got. I would have had a Legend, but the text was too small.

Be sure to vote in this week’s poll, ‘Has your gaming time decreased as your age increases?’
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Well, that’s it for this week. March is going to be a huge month for releases, thus it will also be a huge month for news. Stick around, especially for that countdown ending tomorrow! I still have no idea what it is, as Tosh is being pretty tight-lipped about it. Since the countdown has been up since way earlier this month, though, it should be pretty big! Thanks for reading :).

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Heavy Rain Launch Event


Heavy Rain was launched with an even in Paris this week, check out some pics of the actors as well as a fancy ice sculpture and the Heavy Rain mobile. Also after the break are 2 videos the first; showing coverage of the event and the second a short film asking the how far would you go for love? This video includes David Cage, Samuel L. Jackson and Nicholas Hoult of all people describing how far they would go. Also after the jump is a full gallery of pics.

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Lost Planet 2: Box Art and Exclusive Maps

Capcom released the box art for Lost Planet 2 today (seen above). They also announced that two exclusive multiplayer battle maps for Lost Planet 2 will be available with pre-orders  at GameStop. 

Lost Planet 2 adds two very welcome new features to FPS games. First is Underwater combat. You will be swimming and shooting at the same time!  
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Jason Rubin Turns Bitter

Jason Rubin is somewhat of a legend in the world of game developers. He founded the ridiculously successful Naughty Dog studios, which is now riding high on the success of Uncharted 2, and he was a key figure behind many beloved games such as the Crash Bandicoot series, the Jak series, and my all time favorite game of my childhood, Keef the Thief.

If you watch him speak on the last two episodes of the Bonus Round, it’s disappointing to see how completely burned out and bitter he has become.

His two main points (best summed on his blog):

  • Even the most talented and skilled developers aren’t able to get creative independence and large industry backed funding.
  • This results in the industry being in grave danger and leading towards fewer quality games and less innovation.

His second point is ridiculous. The level of quality, and innovation we are seeing in the industry has been amazing in the past few years and has been heading up.

His first point sounds like typical mid-career griping. It’s not untrue, but it’s a pessimistic perspective.

Lessons to Take Away

  • Do you need a stable, predictable career path to climb? Academia and government related fields such as education and medicine are far better choices if that’s what you want. In technology careers, the rules often seem to change and many experienced, skilled, good workers sometimes feel like they get tricked and thrown down the ladder, and get burned out.
  • Do you need creative independence in your career? Generally, there is always a struggle between what you want to do at a personal or intellectual level, and what the world wants from you. This struggle usually never disappears, it’s a fact of life.
  • Compare Jason Rubin with his co-panelist Michael Pachter for a minute. The developers of the world work harder and get burned more, but in many ways they are drowned in the obscure details of their work. The analysts have comparatively easier careers, but they see the world from a broader perspective, and as a result, the world is more interested in what they have to say.
  • Don’t give in to bitterness. In some situations, the urge to become bitter is overwhelming. Don’t do it. It only makes things worse. Find a positive angle to view your situation, and find a constructive path to follow for the future.


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