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Winners of the T-Shirt Giveaway

We have 4 lottery entries for the “Beta” T-Shirt, and 11 for the Final Design. Tomorrow morning I’ll post how you can purchase a T-Shirt if you didn’t happen to win one. Here are the winners after the jump.

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And Now For Something completely Different

Yep Monty Python on PS3! No not a game or a round of Buzz questions but in Playstation Home. With costumes, furniture and a space. All of it is themed on the ace Holy Grail movie. Alex Weekes, the Home Community Lead of SCEE had this to say;

Next in this week’s line up are some iconic costumes from Monty Python. I have to mention what is probably my favourite costume in Home first: The Black Knight, complete with missing arms! You can also purchase Sir Bedevere, Sir Galahad, Sir Lancelot and Sir Robin either individually or all four in a bundle pack. The final item in our Monty Python haul is an unusual item of furniture: the iconic Foot. Even better, it’s a chair!

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Lost Planet 2’s Giant Sandworm Gameplay Video

In an action/shooter game, what could be more exciting than big guns? Thats right. Bigger Enemies. In this gameplay video of Lost Planet 2, you are being chased by a giant sandworm,  only a few feet away from going nom nom on your flesh and bones.

Also check out some screens for the multiplayer map, “Turbulent Jungle”

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What on the portable side of Sony need to happen?

Sony introduced the PlayStation Portable to the world back in 2005, and many agree that activity on the scene has died down. Due to piracy and a lack of  “being in touch with the community” from Sony, this seems like the end of the road for the PSP. I’m not saying there has not been enough software but rather, I believe Sony does not know what to do with the system at the time. With the PlayStation 3 striding forward in sales and gaining more support from 3rd parties, and these such parties are even porting these games to the PSP, such as Dante’s Inferno, Modnation Racers, and LittleBigPlanet.

Sony tried to bring back interest to the PSP by doing a complete overhaul. This overhaul included in removing the disk drive and forcing digital distribution down consumers throats.This bite sized PSP is called the PSPGo. For this system to work, games on PlayStation Network needed to be cheaper and download speeds needed to be faster. That is where this fails to achieve. Games are not any cheaper than their retail counterparts and Sony chose to keep the same B wireless in the previous iterations of the PSP. I never quite understood the argument about the system being overpriced. The price seems right for what it is worth.

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