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GDC 2010: No Keynotes From Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo |

Usually when conventions like GDC roll around everyone expects to hear from “The Big 3”, aka Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, for their line up of product reveals. Unfortunately this year, no keynotes will be held for any of the three.

On a brighter note Sony will in fact be holding a session to show off the anticipated PS3 Motion Controller, which will be held at the the convention on Thursday, March 11th, from 3-4pm PST. Sony’s Dev Support Team will be on hand as well to look over the show.

Even with the lack of keynotes, I’m sure Sony’s got some secrets to unveil, they always do.

GDC 2010 runs from March 9th – 13th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco


  • Darrin

    Unfortunately? We hear from the big three execs enough already. This isn’t a bad thing.

  • terribledeli

    Nintendo just had their media summit and Microsoft had X10 a little while ago.

    If they were going to give keynotes, it’d just be recycled.

  • Kicks

    What, you mean that the GDC is going to be focused more on developers? *shock*