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35 Comments 5 Year Anniversary Giveaway! [Update x2] |

To help celebrate the 5 year anniversary of I am doing some giveaways! As I promised earlier in the year, I was going to reward the long time members of this site, but I’m not forgetting the new regulars either.

For people that have been a member of for longer than 1 year. Two lucky members will get a game of there own choosing! (up to a $60 value) Not sure how long you’ve been a member. Check out the next tab.

[Update] Members that have been registered for less than a year, you also get a game of your own choosing! (up to a $60 value) But I’m only choosing 1 winner. [Update 2] I’ll be choosing 2 winners, 2nd winner will get a $20 PSN Gift Card.

I’ll be picking the winners on March 17th, 2010 to mark exactly 5 years since the first post on Why am I giving all this stuff away? Simple, a website is nothing without it’s users. So I want to reward you guys from time to time.

I’m still using the lottery method used in the last giveaway, with some small important changes. So please pay attention.

For the long time members, you will be donating your points to the username lottery2

The rest of you will be donating to the username lottery

Please donate only 250 points at a time, the max is still 1000 points.

Here are the different methods of earning points. Since the points system is fairly new. I’m giving some points to those long time members so they can participate in the giveaway. See the next tab for details.

So that’s it for the surprises …. for now. Who knows what else might happen in March ๐Ÿ˜‰

[tab:Long Time Members List]

For each year you’ve been a member I’ll award you 130 points. So it works out like this. This is based off the registration date. I’ll give out these points over the course of the next day.

1 Year 130 Points Given
2 Year 260 Points Given
3 Year 390 Points Given
4 Year 520 Points Given
5 Year 650 Points Given


acidjoker 02.27.2009
bumsplash 03.16.2009
DerShimon 03.08.2009
doshin 03.13.2009
FMONEY 03.04.2009
Gibb 01.08.2009
GoldBerg123 02.27.2009
HyWarp161 03.06.2009
Markus87 02.27.2009
Millszoid 03.03.2009
mjm_007 03.05.2009
monkyboi 03.16.2009
paxpacis 01.07.2009
SicSemperTyranis 03.01.2009
Sinlock 01.22.2009
sirsquirrelly 01.08.2009
TCCCCnME 03.12.2009
xX_snakes1234_Xx 03.16.2009


Glitch 07.15.2008
jamisonfitz 09.14.2008
jerryhat 11.27.2008
JimmyStewart 08.18.2008
Kamesen 03.25.2008
Trev 05.22.2008


Amish_Gramish 02.01.2007
BigChiefToiletPaper 04.05.2007
Burten 03.06.2007
chrysostom 01.29.2007
Darth-Busby 02.06.2007
Dartmerc 09.27.2007
DasUsaFan 04.23.2007
derrickgott007 05.23.2007
Doodlepants 02.26.2007
Emrah 10.24.2007
ENIGMA 03.16.2007
freedesign 02.13.2007
HachiRoku 06.04.2007
LifEndz 03.02.2007
mcloki 01.05.2007
mole 01.08.2007
Paranoimia 09.05.2007
Pc 08.11.2007
Rjcc 06.15.2007
Samus 06.12.2007
Solid_Nat 11.26.2007
Trieloth 02.15.2007
warpdrive 03.09.2007


bgreene07 02.11.2006
bobeotm 10.21.2006
briankeith 05.26.2006
Bryan 09.29.2006
bunnyhero 10.13.2006
Darrin 07.26.2009
Eddie 10.04.2006
eeyeats 11.22.2006
Extra Terrestrial 09.26.2006
fleakitten 09.23.2006
Gary 04.09.2006
Hiro 09.27.2006
matt 10.17.2006
Phaethon360 12.09.2006
repdetect2 10.15.2006
Segitz 09.27.2006
SL33PY 06.27.2006
Spindash 09.21.2006
Sporty 11.23.2006
Surreal 12.07.2006
Tom 08.30.2006
TommyGun090 10.20.2006
YODADDY 10.07.2006


Blackstaffer 3.16.05
francois 10.11.2005
GaijinBiker 03.27.2005
Joshua 04.30.2005
Justin Nolan 06.14.2005
Raym 03.17.2005



  1. No Kill Tayler

    This makes me a saaaad panda. i’ve been a member for at least a year, maybe two.

  2. JimmyMagnum

    so I get screwed over because registration didnt work? ๐Ÿ˜› I know for sure I’ve been wanting to register for a long, long time, but wasn’t able to until like mid last year

  3. genbatzu

    nice idea ^^
    sadly i only registered this year, and not 2009 ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Donated. 8)

  5. Wish I had registered earlier!

  6. oly1kenobi

    Nice.. thanx TOSH!

  7. euh.. I registered on 06/20/2007.. but had to re-register last year because my original login didn’t work anymore.. blog update?! (I have the registration mail to prove it)

  8. good stuff. I’m sure Tosh will work with each of you on this. Its about you guys.

  9. Donated this time. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

    Happy 5th anniversary, btw.

  10. Royalty32

    When are u guys gonna post more GoW3 news

  11. Ok, guys the members that have been registered for less than 1 year also get a game of there choosing.

    No Kill Tayler: iโ€™ve been a member for at least a year, maybe two.

    I show you registered on 2009-07-14

    Gibb: euh.. I registered on 06/20/2007.. but had to re-register last year because my original login didnโ€™t work anymore.. blog update?! (I have the registration mail to prove it)

    That’s fair, send me a PM in the forum

  12. FrenchK

    Nice give-away ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad the psn issue is fixed and the blog is back up ๐Ÿ™‚
    had a hard time getting here yesterday !

  13. Congratulations on 5 years!
    I should have registered sooner ๐Ÿ™‚
    I would love to win as my 10 year wedding anniversary is on March 4th and my 32nd birthday is on March 14th (wink wink nudge nudge) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Trieloth

    Thats a neat idea Tosh! Your always thinking arnt you? lol. I cant remember how long I have been here.

  15. Trieloth: I cant remember how long I have been here.

    Trieloth Joined 02.15.2007

  16. Thanks again !

  17. Trieloth

    Wow how time flies! Congrats on the five year!

  18. Well, since I’ve owned a PS3 since the end of 2009, I fall into the less than 1 year category. Hopefully I’ll have the full 1,000 points by March 15 at the latest to increase my chances.

    Happy anniversary!

    P.S.: Why not give away a PSN $20 card for those of us that are new? That way two new users can win… and we all get better odds hehehe.



  20. oly1kenobi

    Awesome prizes.. Thanx again Tosh..

  21. I’m reluctant to enter again, if I win again, I’d feel guilty! Can the lottery pick be made live video stream for the fun of it? Dunno if there’s too much technical hurdle doing that..

  22. lordincubus

    Boo I have been a member for a long time and just never created a username and password until last month. Oh well Love the site and I think it will get bigger eventually. I feel like there is alot of content on this site about gaming in general. What are the plans when the PS4 comes out. Will this site be ditched?

  23. Emrah: Iโ€™m reluctant to enter again, if I win again, Iโ€™d feel guilty! Can the lottery pick be made live video stream for the fun of it? Dunno if thereโ€™s too much technical hurdle doing that..  

    Ya, I could do a screen capture of the lottery pick. Just how I did the help videos.

  24. The list says I’m in here since 2006… 4 years already was my first thought ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Interesting. Here is my 250

  26. HyWarp161

    i threw my 245 in there.

  27. Supposed to be 250, but I’ll remove 5 points from your account to make up the difference. Thanks for entering ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. HyWarp161

    oops missed that one.

  29. I have only 250 points in my account…duh…

  30. killer_juice

    Oooh! This sounds awesome!

  31. Done!

    would I be the lucky one?

  32. No Kill Tayler

    Remember you changed the hard code for my name on that date.

  33. That doesn’t change the registration date, I think we just changed your display name though. Let me know otherwise. You did see I upgraded the giveaway right?

  34. Well, look at that. Was the addition of a $20 PSN card for those of us that are new to the site thanks to me suggesting it?

    Anyway, I’m entering my 4 donations right now. Hopefully I get lucky this time.

  35. topthis

    WOHOO! Hope I win!

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