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Guitar Hero DLC for March |

Guitar Hero will bring us three new songs every week in March. There will be track packs from Blink-182, Ok Go, Flogging Molly, and a 80’s band pack.

The first pack is available March 4th, it will be the Blink 182 pack and will feature the songs,  First Date, All The Small Things, and  Adam’s Song.

The March 11th pack will feature Ok Go’s songs Here It Goes Again, Do What You Want, and Get Over It.

March 18th with bring a “St. Patrick’s Day celebration” with the Flogging Molly track pack, containing Requiem For A Dying Song, (No More) Paddy’s Lament,  and The Seven Deadly Sins.

The final March pack, available on the 25th is the 80’s track pack. It will contain Girls, Girls, Girls, by Motley Crue; We Got The Beat, by The Go-Go’s; and Night Ranger’s Sister Christian.

The track packs will be available on the PSN  for $5.49 each, or as singles for $1.99.


  • JimmyMagnum

    rock band seems to release around 6 every week. Rock Band > Guitar Hero

  • oly1kenobi

    I would agree that Rockband>GH, Im just reporting the news!

  • EdEN

    Nope, if you play drums GH>RB since you get a snare, hihat, two toms, a a crash/ride instead of having the rockband drums magically change into different parts of the kit.

  • RB may put out more songs, and a lot of them are quite good, but GH just has better transcription. RB is just too easy anywhere south of expert, while GH gives a good challenge and just seems overall more fun to play. Just my pair of pennies though…