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Surprise Sony Sequal Announced Thursday on GTTV |

Game Trailers TV (GTTV) has promised to reveal the Trailer to a “surprise sony sequel” this Thursday night. GTTV airs Thursdays at 12:30am (9:30 Pac if you have the east coast feed) on the Spike Network. From the trailer, it will definitely be a PS3 exclusive. Any guesses as to what it will be?



  1. It’s either Heavenly Sword 2, Resistance 3, KillZone 3, Infamous 2, Demon Souls 2, or..Legend of Dragoon 2.

  2. oly1kenobi

    I have heard Heavenly Sword 1 didn’t make enough $$ to warrent a second one.

  3. JimmyMagnum

    damn flea…you really narrowed it down. you forgot Uncharted 3: Atlantis Rising, which features new swimming gameplay that involves both free diving and scuba! 😛

  4. Motostorm duh

  5. How about LBP2 since they just acquired Mm?

  6. If by sequel they mean “number 2”.. I bet (hope) it’s Demon’s Souls 2 or Starhawk.

  7. Socom 4 ( if they’re terming “sequel” as the second game from the series on the PS3)..

  8. Hopefully its Killzone 2 or Resistance 3. Those are two of my favorite series.

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