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March Madness! God of War III vs Final Fantasy XIII |


Who could have predicted that two of the biggest games of 2010 would release literally days apart? God of War III and Final Fantasy XIII are both highly anticipated games but which will make or break the month of March?

Final Fantasy XIII will release a week ahead of God of War in North American markets on both the PS3 and 360. Square Enix’s flagship title is 4 years in the making and is receiving mixed reviews from around the net. From Edge’s, and Team Xbox’s 5/10 to OPM & OXM’s 9/10.  Will it’s muli-paltform release give it the edge over God of War?

While few reviews have surfaced for GOW III, due to embargo, that will change soon. Unlike Final Fantasy, the God of War sereis made it’s debut on the PS2 but quickly developed a devoted following. GOW III is shaping up to be the best looking game for the PS3 with crazy action. FFXIII will average about 30+ hours of gameplay without taking part in the available side missions. GOW III will offer a third of that.

I’m going out on the limb and offer my predictions that FFXIII will be the top selling game to hit the PS3 in March.

  • On some online stores, I see FF preorders are ahead of GOW preorders.. It will be close race, I suppose..

  • Luke

    God of War III never made its debut on the PS2, God of War I and II did.

  • JimmyMagnum


    of course FF will get the bigger sales numbers. Xbox owners will purchase it probably to see what the fuss is about and the hardcore followers will also pick it up. God of War III will still sell great, but will most likely pale in comparison, on a global sales basis anyway. IF you look at PS3 only, though, then it will definitely be close, and GoWIII might outsell by a hair.

  • Luke

    PS3 has really exploded with awesome games. I know its been said but I have to say it again, the amount of games coming out is just to hard to keep up.

    SONY is really competing for the market.

  • Darrin

    In March, I’m more excited about Yakuza 3 and GTA 4 DLC than FFXIII. God of War 3 is definitely at the top of my list although I still have tons of stuff to play already

  • God of War III never made its debut on the PS2, God of War I and II did

    Jeez, I double check and triple check but a mistake still manages to slip by me.

  • SicSemperTyranis

    I think the big question is which version of FF XIII is going to sell the most, 360 or PS3.

  • JimmyMagnum

    that’d most likely be PS3 since that’s where most of the fan base lies

  • Luke

    @fleakitten, I tried to change it, but I don’t have authority. It seems no matter how many times something is checked it always needs someone elses eyes.

    I agree wth JimmyMagnum on the PS3 taking this on.

  • oly1kenobi

    The last numbers I saw showed the FF preorders were 3 to1 for PS3 over xbox.. I’ll check again sometime soon lol..

    Oh and out of the three, the only one I’ve convinced my self to buy for sure in March.. Is Just Cause 2.. lol

  • Royalty32

    I agree with Darrin. Im more excited bout GTA DLC more than FF13 as well. Just because its the type of game i play. GoW3 is gonna murder evrything in March. Offically 1 wk away until i get my hands on the best action game yet.

  • I’ll never understand why Sega set the release of Yakuza 3 around the same time as FFXIII and GOW 3. Even RoF looks interesting this month.

  • yodaddy

    pre paid gow 3 UE now its a 7 day wait…. tick…. tick….. tick …

  • I’ll bet on GOW 3 like im betting for Manny Pacquiao this Sunday lol

  • Trieloth

    Its another expensive month for me. Grrr. Iam getting FFXlll but I just got into StarOcean:LHI last night and Iam really surprized at how good that game is. Theres alot of games coming out at a strange time of the year. Oh well theres still snow on the ground.

  • People have been bashing SO 4 since it’s release on the 360. I should know better than to listen to them though.

    How does it compare to SO3, Trieloth? I replayed that game to death back in the day.