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The Path to Olympus |

At, a new feature has been set up which features all of the events that lead up to God of War III’s story, with new stuff being added every day. According to the Official Blog, the feature will be most useful for if:

  • You are a new player and want to learn what all this Kratos mania is about.
  • You’re a gamer who has played the God of War games but are scratching your head trying to remember who Kratos killed, who has killed Kratos and everything in between.
  • And lastly, if you’re a hardcore fan that wants to experience, once again, some of Kratos’ most exciting and brutal moments before plunging into God of War III.

The developers are also hitting the forums and answering some of the questions, so you might want to check that out as well.


  • Royalty32

    The reviews are out and most of them im pleased with except one. Thats right im lookin at u and gave it an 9.3 and ign gave it a 9.2 wtf. Both websites were praising the game for its visuals and scale. What really gets me is that a game like ME2 can get a 9.7 for less rpg elements then the first but gow3 gets a 9.2 for keeping the combat the same AND adding new features. R u kiddin me no doubt gow3 deserves a 10/10, hell even a 11/10. Visual and scale and the best yet combat is smooth and fun, story is good but yet it gets lower scores the me2. Mark my words GOW3 will be GOTY.

  • yodaddy

    I got the 16th off from work…. I got the UE pre paid… now I feel like I’m in jail doing time… 6 more days….