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Update to Battlefield Bad Company 2 on PlayStation 3 |

EA announced this morning that an update for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is at Sony, and will hopefully be live today.

An update to Battlefield Bad Company 2 on PlayStation 3 is currently with Sony America and will, hopefully go live later today after we get Sony approval. When this happens PlayStation 3 owners will get access to the BFBC2 in game store and have access to their VIP content. Sony Europe will follow shortly after and will, all being well with Sony, allow European players to access the store and their VIP content early this week. The access to the in game store will start things off by giving VIP members access to the Rush map, Nelson Bay and the Conquest map, Laguna Alta.


Hopefully this will fix many if not all of the issues the multiplayer portion of the game has been experiencing. They also mentioned tht the PC and XBOX 360 updates are being worked on. Finally some love for the PS3 first!! 😀

  • Luke

    It seems that they have been working with SONY a little closer. The BETA was only released for the PS3.

  • Heemz

    Dope! I am loving this game!!!!

  • JimmyMagnum

    its not really surprising since the game had a ton of server issues since Friday

  • john gannon

    the beta was also on the 360 tool

  • Poppz

    Have they solved the issue with Battlefield, bad company 2 & the latest update which caused crashes to the older sony units yet. I just bought the game & don’t wanna install the updates for online till I find out so I don’t have to deal with the my game not working after that….Thanks!