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Valve’s Future has no Mention of the PS3 |


Valve, whos games include, the Left for Dead series, the Half Life Series, as well as Counter Strike, Team Fortress and Portal, talked about their future developments yesterday. As JimmyMagnum’s Post last month talked about, Valve was considering PS3 development. Well. their big announcement was that Steam will become available on the Mac in April, and that all future games will be available simultaneously on Windows and Mac. The first game will be Portal 2 released this Christmas. Sadly there is no mention of the PS3 at all. John Cook, the dev director at Steam said,

“We are treating the Mac as a tier-1 platform so all of our future games will release simultaneously on Windows, Mac, and the Xbox 360.”

Where’s the love for the quickly growing PS3 fans? Hopefully they will begin to develop for the PS3 sometime in the near future.


  • JimmyMagnum

    they’re the fanboys of the third party developer world lol

  • No loss.

  • oly1kenobi

    True, with so many PS3 exclusives that are extremely AWESOME, who needs Them! lol

  • Royalty32

    WHO CARES!!!!

  • jerry

    Who cares they aren’t that Great. Left 4 dead gets boring fast and has no substance. The only game thats pretty good is Portal which I liked alot from the Orange box. Other then that they aren’t doing anything to change the game. Yeah they may have a big following but that is because PC gamers swear by them. Other then that in regards to concel and arcade gaming these guys mean nothing.

  • Smegmazor

    Good for them. I wouldn’t buy any of their games anyway.

  • yodaddy

    well again …. looks like I won’t be spending my money on their products… send them to the edge of the world and let them jump!

  • Royalty32

    I know you guys dnt like it when ppl use cuss words on here but this is the time to say it. ******* Valve. They are just like M$, all they care about is making money. They know that if they do a multiplatform game that it will sell better on 360 so they jus stopped workin on ps3 all together. They can make a crappy game (L4D) just to make money jus like M$. Example: Halo Series. Back in they small minds they know if they puttin effort into a ps3 game it would be 10x better than the 360 version but since most of there profit comes from 360 they jus screw the ps3 version but theyre lost is our gain. Cuz theres a no big deal game called um…… God of War 3 and 360 wishes they had a game as huge as this. Only on Xbox360 doesnt mean that the ps3 couldnt handle it. It jus means MS paid the company alot of money to keep it exclusive. Only on Playstation means it can only be done on ps3. Case in point U2, MGS4, MAG, Heavy Rain, Ratchet and Clank, God of War 3, GT5, Infamous, Agent, DC Universe the list goes on and on. So ****** Valve and Xbox 360.

    P.S. How does it feel Microfags to pay 50 million dollars to have a timed exclusive that didnt do that well on ur console.

    [edit: please mind the language]

  • oly1kenobi

    I love our PS3 community! I have never owned, nor plan to own an XBOX of any kind!!

  • Royalty32

    Amen to that oly1kenobi and sorry for the language. i just cant stand when studios make a crappy ps3 game. If it can be done on 360 then for damn sho it can b done on ps3. It jus ticks me off alot cuz i spend my hard earned money on a $60 game come to find out its a piece of ****. Ex: Beyonetta, though the combat it great everything else sucks compared to the 360 version.

    Hey Valve how about u go to a 1st party developer for Sony, mainly Naughty Dog or Santa Monica and learn how to use the tech of the ps3. There should be no excuses on why u cant make a awsome ps3 game. U guys SUCK.

  • SicSemperTyranis

    Ok, I have a confession to make. Not only do I own a 360 but I like Valve games. I’m psyched for Portal 2 and can not wait for Half Life 2: Episode 3. Yes, I do prefer to play games on my PS3 but I’m not going to deny myself these great games.
    Then again I can always just buy them for my Mac….