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Final Super Street Fighter 4 character revealed |

Say hello to Hellboy’s forgotten second cousin from Turkey.

The final Super Street Fighter IV character was revealed at GDC. His name is Hakan. He sports an orange body and blue hair. And according to G4TV he enjoys applying oil to his body and sliding opponents all over the place before slamming them into the ground and murderizing them.  Pretty weird

“In the history of Street Fighter, there’s always been a lot of wacky and unusual characters,” Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono told us. “We settled on Turkish wrestling because these guys literally douse themselves in oil, grappling with each other. It’s such a unique and relatively unknown fighting style.”



  1. LOL, I’m honoured and amused 😀 (I’m from Turkey)

  2. Well, unknown and weird fighting style indeed. Never got SF IV, so SSFIV might just be one of my christmas purchases later this year.

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