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PlayStation Move vs. Wiimote? |

UPDATED: Added full 3D position info.


  • Full 3D Position: Both the Wiimote and PS move detect gestures including both linear and rotational acceleration and orientation, but the PS Move has full 3D position tracking which the Wii does not. The Wiimote and sensor bar detects rough 2D position (and it can detect full 3D acceleration), but AFAIK, only the PS Move can detect full absolute 3D position.
  • Precision: The PS Move supposedly has much more positional precision and accuracy than the Wiimote.
  • Colored ball: I still don’t understand why this doesn’t rely on non-visible light, such as infrared for tracking purposes. Feedback effects, such as a muzzle flash, sound really nice.
  • No Wire: The PlayStation Move off-hand controller does not have a wired connection to the motion wand like the Wii nunchuk does.
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries: Versus, AA batteries on the Wiimote. IMO, this is a very nice improvement.

I’m surprised that the main design of the Move is absolutely identical to the Wiimote and Nunchuk. This is clearly improved with the enhancements listed above, but it’s still the same core design.

Now, the real challenge is not the hardware, but the software, and what kind of experiences can developers deliver with this technology. So far, the Wii has sold a ton, but the games really haven’t done much with the control scheme beyond mini-games and on-rail-shooters.

The real strong point of the PS3 has been the quality of the dev teams that make games for it. I’m very eager (and a little skeptical) to see what the Sony family of talent can do with this.

  • bad company

    the controller looks good they just need to make good games for it

  • Darrin, if I remember correctly, the ball is used for not only for position tracking, but also depth tracking by determining the size of it on the captured image. I guess they made it a ball shape so that this could be done precisely on multiple angles and orientation.

  • Royalty32

    All right ppl u got me, my foot is offically hangin from my mouth. When i saw Socom 4 i was blown away. I love the name PS Move jus has a nice ring to it. Ok u can all say it “We told u so”. Im offically on board with the PS Move and i also like the PS Move Sub controller.

  • “I’m surprised that the main design of the Move is absolutely identical to the Wiimote and Nunchuk.”

    Isn’t that a bit like saying you’re surprised all guns use the same layout for the grip and trigger? :-p

    Given the way it’s used, and that everything needs to be within range of a thumb or index finger, there’s only really one design that will work.

  • Gibb

    Engadget has a hands-on with the PS Move.. (check out their videos)

  • Gibb

    About the nun-chuck comment:

    it’s not “actually” a nun-chuck because the other controller is wireless, they’re not connected fysically.. plus it doesn’t seem to have motion sensors.

  • Darrin, I guess the reason that PS Move doesn’t use “invisible light” such as infra red is, that the PS Eye camera can’t see invisible stuff.

    Also supposedly the colour of the light balls on the controllers change according to the colours present in the room, so that they differ which makes it easier for the camera to track them.

  • Darrin

    depth tracking is a type of position tracking. And the Wii does some depth tracking ( I believe) but it’s not nearly as precise/accurate as the Move.

    Paranoimia, you are right. This really is the obvious control scheme for this type of wand control.

    Glitch, if you are right about infrared, they should have made a new camera. The Eye doesn’t have some huge install base anyway.

  • Looks very good.
    I think the big breakout games category is going to be exercise “games”.

    Now some of these would be frowned upon but a fight club where you had to get up off the couch and really start throwing punches. The guy doing the boxing demo was getting winded just throwing a few punches. Imaging you doing a full 15 rounds.

    This could be a really good peripheral. I’m sure you’ll hear plenty of
    I lost 50 pounds playing Fight Club Move.

    It is pretty exciting as far as peripherals go. And now that more people will have a camera maybe video chat will stat to take off.

  • Royalty32

    PS Move is what the Wiimote should of been. PS Move Vs WiiMote, its really no contest. PS Move is just to advanced in evry aspect than the wii mote. Even with the motion plus it still doenst do 1 to 1 motions better than the Move. No More Heros is coming to 360 and ps3 and i have no dont that for the ps3 version, youll be able to use the Move contoller. Give me a release date and a reasonable price and ill buy it day 1.

  • lordincubus

    First: I would like to comment on the Wii and PS move layout being the same. This is an ideal way to make a motion controller because essentially anyone that has a wii should, somewhat; know how to use this controller. Imagine these people trying to use the Microsoft natal. They have never played a videogame before and you want them to control the 360 with their body only. (Give me a break) This is a smart move by Sony to allow anyone that bored with their wii (me) to easily adapt all the fun motion controls they have learned into a more powerful and accurate system.
    Second: Let’s face it Sony just stole the wii right from under Nintendo’s feet. But it’s better this way, now there is a level of compation in the motion control division and this should drive the quality of games up.
    Third: I will be buying this bundle for sure. My roommates and I played wii at some point (wii sports 1 and release of wii resort that it). Now the thing is covered in so much dust its embarrassing. Getting the PS move is smart for me because I play my PS3 almost every day and adding this style of play to my system is not going to hurt my experience with the system. Once I saw the player v. player ping pong I knew I had to get it. The ping pong on the wii resort was fun but you played a CPU only. This looks like you can play together and really get a full range of motion. And not to sound cheesy but I think I will get a good work out with some of the boxing and batting games. The street fight game looks cool and like a good workout. So all that being said I plan on getting 2 or 4 controllers based on the type of games they have. And yes I will be selling my wii in order to afford this.

  • lordincubus

    mcloki Couldn’t agree with you more. I can see my self building a sweat by playing this game. Add in the ability to do your own crouching is sweat for squats and other work out moves. This is gonna be alot of fun. Yet another reason why PS3 is going to win this race.

  • Darrin

    All the games they showed look dumb (the FPS control in SOCOM looked cool, but I’d have to try it). A fighter, a rails-shooter, two mini-game compilations, some casual nonsense… Everything but the fighter, is stuff we’ve already seen on Wii. And the fighter doesn’t look terribly fun. I think current stick and button-mashing works better in something like Tekken or God of War than 1-to-1 motion control.

    Exercise games sound really dumb too. Why would I want a video game to excercise when I can lift real free weights at a gym, jog beautiful outdoor running trails, swim, or ride my bicycle.

    I’m still optimistic that between all the top talent dev studios out there, they will find some genuinely great uses for this type of device.

  • oly1kenobi

    @Royalty32 I told you so!! lol j/k Welcome to the MOVE fan club!

  • Royalty32

    LOL! Yeah ur rite. Man i was watchin the GDC coverage on my pc at home and i was jus in shock on how cool the MOVE is. It just takes the wiimote to a whole new level. Sign me up for the MOVE fan club ASAP!!!!

  • Legion213

    Can you imagine an Elder Scrolls game with the move? Active blocking and real sword play. What else do you want?

    Comes out this fall in a bundle consisting of 1 PS move, 1 PS Eye, and an un-named game for $100. Also you can buy a PS3 slim, Move, and Eye in another bundle.

    Other bundles will come out shortly I bet.

    What is kinda confusing is the mini gladiator type game they showed used 2 move remotes. But they are only giving you 1 in a bundle. meaning you will have to buy another separate if you want to play certain games.

  • So, I can now say: Move over Wii! 😛 This is one of the biggest announcements at this year’s Game Developers Conference. I just hope it’ll not disappoint.

  • I’m not impressed by ANY of the motion controllers, be it Wii, Natal, or Move. I have a Wii, and frankly I don’t care much for the style of play that a motion controller requires of me. I think I’ll stick to regular controllers.

    Though I have to say I wish more companies would make use of the SIXAXIS motion controller. Not as main functionality, but auxiliary. Flick the controller up and down to reload, for example.

  • Royalty32

    I thought the price was suppose to b under $100.

  • EdEN

    Look, let’s be honest here. The PS Move seems like a good motion-control option and I guess I’ll think about it if only at first so I can play RE5 using the RE4: Wii edition control method… but it also completely rips off the Wiimote. All of those saying “this is what the Wiimote should have been” or “Nintendo just got owned by Sony” must remember two things:

    1) The Wiimote launched on 2006, and thus Sony has had more technology they can incorporate into the Move during the last year or so.

    2) Wiimotes come standard with every one of the over 60 million consoles already sold worldwide.

    It’s point number 2 that will make it harder for Sony’s Move controller to actually be embraced by it’s install base. Having it included with every console is one thing. Having to PAY an extra $100 ALONG with your console purchase ($299 right now) plus not having that many games that use it will be a veeeeery hard sell for Sony.

    Now if did a contest on december 2010 to win a PS Move control set…

  • Royalty32

    Good points Eden but u also have to realize that the whole purpose if looking into new technology is to get the very best. There’s no way that the wii motion plus shouldnt of been the launch controller rather than an add on.

    A better example is the ps3. Sony has the best tech hands down in the ps3 but im pretty sure they started workin on the ps3 when the ps2 was like 5 yrs in its life cycle.

    My point is that yes sony down rite copy the wii mote but whats there lost is ps3’s gain, if the wii mote was as accurate at lauch as the ps move is now, theres no way that Sony would release this device.

  • EdEN

    Motion Plus was to expensive to be available at launch when the Wii launched, but that’s a whole different discussion right there.

    After watching all the videos for the confirmed videos for the Move controller I have to say I’m just not feeling it right now. Maybe more will change as the release date gets closer.

  • lordincubus

    @Eden you don’t have to buy it to enjoy your PS3. That’s where the Wii failed, you bought a wii got a wii mote and thats it. Yeah they had normal games none motion but you have to buy the controllers still. Ps3 is saying hey if you want it or like this we have it so theres no need to get a wii. Way I look at it this 100 bundle saves me money instead of getting a wii. (how much is the wii anyway 150)

  • lordincubus

    @darrin I live in Boston MA where its cold and snowy for 9 months out of the year. Yeah I can go to a gym which I do, but Its just an added bonus to have a good work out and still play something fun. I think my GF would also love it If I had more games that she can enjoy.

  • Darrin

    Sony is saying the real blockbuster software won’t hit until 2011. That sounds very believable.

    Hey, I’m cheering for the Wii too. I bought a Wii and the Wii MotionPlus and when Nintendo comes out with killer software, I will be first in line to buy it.

    But this hardware is definitely nicer than the Wii. Obviously, it’s newer and more expensive, etc, but is is nicer. The Move will do full 3D spatial tracking rather than only gestural delta movements and very rough positioning like the Wii does.

  • EdEN

    @lordincubus: How is buying a console that includes the controller used in ALL of it’s games the same as buying a separate peripheral? I don’t have to buy a PS Move to enjoy PS3? Ok, sounds reasonable enough. But saying I HAVE to buy the Wiimote to enjoy Wii games when the Wiimote is the STANDARD controller included in every console purchase? OF COURSE I have to use a Wiimote. It’s the standard controller input for the console!

  • Legion213

    They say under $100 but all that means is it will retail for $99. Figure in tax and all that it actually comes out over $100.

    Sony was actually working on this tech back in ’04. 2 years before the Wii hit stores. Granted the actual design of the controller is similar. The tech however is quite different.

    I don’t think Lordincubus was saying they are the same, In fact I think that he was saying thats how they differ.

    If you don’t like motion controllers. You can still enjoy the PS3. Whereas with the Wii. You are forced to use a motion controller. Or you can buy the peripheral classic controller. Which you have to buy in order to play N64 games you bought on the Wii network.

  • lordincubus

    Thanks Legion

  • JimmyMagnum

    I think this might actually be a huge plus for PS3 owners looking to buy a wii. Think of it this way, you get better games and tech for a sub-$100 price tag if you already own the PS3, which is better than buying a Wii for $200.

    Now as for new system purchases? Wii is lacking in terms of quality software, hence why a lot of the time, it collects dust. Add to that the fact that many people are now getting HDTVs and the SD output of Nintendo looks worse on an HDTV compared to an SD. You’re still paying $200 for it though.

    Tons of people are buying a PS3, some for gaming and some for blu-ray, and this is one way to get a more casual experience out of the console. Let’s say someone wants to purchase the Wii and a PS3 for the first time. What looks more attractive? A $300 PS3 plus a $200 Wii, or, potentially, just the $350-$400 PS3/Move bundle? Or even the PS3 plus the Move standalone bundle? No matter how you look at it, it’s $100 cheaper going that route.

    As far as price breakdown? Currently, the standalone PlayStation Eye retails for $40. This, of course, is without a game. The bundle with Eye of Judgment is $70. Take off $10 to exclude the stand and game board, that’s $60. Now look at the price of the Wiimote, plus the nunchuck, and motion plus, you got $50 for the controller with MotionPlus, and another $20 for the nunchuck.

    It’s still currently unknown whether the sub controller will be included with the Move, but looking at this, you got a $60 camera and game, plus $50 controller, plus $20 nunchuck. Going by that pricing, that’s $130, if they were similarly priced. Assuming the sub controller is included, that would mean that the bundle would be about $10 under priced and you get more for the money.

    If you already have the Eye, and just want to get the controller, they would probably retail for $50. Bundled with a game? $70, just like the current EoJ bundle.

    Now that we got that out of the way, lets look at our little consumer over here. He buys the PS3 bundled with the Move. OK, highest price? $400. He also buys another Move controller for $50. That’s $450. The system will most likely come with the DS3 as well, so that’s not of concern.

    If he were to purchase a Wii and a PS3, and a second Wii controller with nunchuck, you’re looking at $300+$200+$50+$20, which comes out to $570, a $120 difference. Now, assuming the sub controller is separate, and costs the same as a nunchuck, you’re still looking at a $100 difference.

    Of course, none of that really matters if you just want the Wii, or already own one, but if not, it’s still the cheaper alternative if you already own a PS3, and I think that’s what Sony is aiming for.

  • Steven

    Everyone i know with a PS3 hates it! (and I’m not lying) My brother has one and he tried to sell it to me for £100(Honest truth). I’m willing to give it a chance so i might buy it tho. He said he prefers the PS2 lol!

    Seriously. Everyone i know either has a 360, a Wii or both (i have both). I don’t know, maybe its my area, but no body around here likes the PS3 & now with this blatant Wii remote clone, who knows what will happen next.

    no disrespect to people who like the PS3. i still might get one for god of war 3, but definately not for the PS3 move. i got the Wii for my motion controls, which means every console can offer something different. plus the Wii has first party exclusives that will never be on a ps3 or Xbox 360. so there is reason to own all three consoles really.

  • Since most people believe that the wii targets the younger audience, this may be Sony’s attempt to bring motion controls to a more mature audience. At GCD, the games they previewed for motion controls were titles that wouldn’t be on the wii (thank god) like socom.

  • snipa

    I Think Ps3 Move Coppied Wii But I Think Ps3 Move Can Do More Than Wii E.G Graphics

  • Bastian

    The colored ball is a smart but ugly choice. Try using infrared in bright sunlight. Noise will be a huge problem. Adepting the color to its environment is definitely the more accurate and less error prone solution.

  • dankrizzle

    The funny thing is… most people prasing Move (including Sony themselves)… were the same people claiming motion gaming is gimmick. Oh, but now that your console of choice has this tech “ITz dA CooLeST” lol pathedic