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PS3 Motion Controller Q&A |

The technology for the PlayStation Motion Controller (Arc) is really amazing. But as we know, that’s nothing without fun games to back it up. Hopefully they have a good catalog of games when it’s released. Here is the link for a interview Gamespot had with Rick Marks. Highlights are:

There’s really no limit with the types of game that the Motion Controller can enhance. Nothing currently on the market delivers an innovative experience that’s intuitive for casual gamers and engaging for hardcore fans, and that’s the opportunity the PS3 Motion Controller will fulfill.

Software development for the Motion Controller is well under way, and our development and publishing partners are excited about the opportunities to deliver new gameplay experiences to PS3 owners.

The Motion Controller’s high-precision embedded sensors detect the sensitive movements and rotation of the hands, and the PlayStation Eye tracks the glowing sphere on the controller to precisely detect the position in real-life 3D space. The colors of the sphere can be changed by the game programmers to provide visual feedback that reflects changes in gameplay, or to differentiate between players.

You can expect to hear more details soon, as we have a few key industry events coming up with GDC this week and E3 around the corner. In between those shows, we’re also going to bring the Motion Controller on the road.

  • Smegmazor

    I just read they’re implementing this into Tiger Woods 2011. This should be F’n awesome.

  • Royalty32

    In my opionion Sony’s new motion controller is a waste of time. I mean seriously, if i wanted something that comes close to what sony is doing i would of jus bought a wii. Now im not hating but what sony is doing has alreday been done before. Sure it might have better 1-to-1 movement but its the same thing. I just wish sony would have come up with something much better. Motion controllers are NOT and i repeat are NOT the next big thing. It wont replace the normal controller so whats the point. Sony jus needs to stick to making awsome games.

  • oly1kenobi

    Royalty, no ones making u buy it.. and if its even close to wii controller with PS3 graphics, then whats the point of complaining.. just an awesome bonus for those that want it.

  • Royalty these same arguments you’re making happened when Sony introduced their first Dual analogue controller. Everyone wondered why go into all of this detail since the 2 button Nintendo controller was all that anyone needed. The gams will speak for themselves. Being negative about the idea just shows a lack of imagination and creativity on your part.

    The potential is there for this controller to be awesome. The 1 to 1 movement means that it is possible that bosses will be much harder to kill since they won’t just be one big hit box but a combination f many.

    I’d love a FFXV boss that you would have to actually hit and disarm rather than the current, hit counter method. Hit them 10 times and the armor falls off.

    Wii games are nice, but in a generic blocky kid way. The combination of HD and precision should make this a great peripheral.

  • Royalty32

    There’s not much u can do with a point and click controller. U cant tell me that well since they add HD graphics that it will be a totally new experience. Those same crappy games on the wii will be the same crappy games on ps3, the ONLY difference is that it looks better. M$ is doing the same. Natal is nothing but a beefed up PS Eye. If u can give me reasons on how the “PS ARC” will be different from the Wii Remote then maybe ill be convinced but u cant deny that those same crappy games on wii will be the exact same on ps3.

  • JimmyMagnum

    EA has announced that EA Sports Active 2 will be out on Wii and PS3

  • Smegmazor

    Jesus, Royalty! You know you’re gonna be up in here praising the motion controller when it finally launches. At least wait until they start announcing what games will be utilizing the damn peripheral before you bad mouth it.

  • iFlash

    Is it just me or is Anton about 13 years old. What a Job this kid has… Granted he probably is a grown man.

  • Royalty32

    Im not bad mouthing it, but i dnt wanna spend money on something i already have. I just wish that Sony would jus come up with something revolutionary like they did with the ps3.

  • oly1kenobi

    Ya they should make a PS4 with Green Disc technology already….

  • Luke

    Awesome POST Tosh ;-).

    @iFlash, I agree he looks like a little kid, I mean I know I was always told I look young but holy hell that guy looks like he’s 13.

    @Royalty32, like the others said you don’t have to get it but this lets the Sony capture some of the Wii’s market share. This will also be cool on the PS3. I mean compare PS3 games to the Wii, just think how bad ass these games are going to be on the PS3.

    I can already see 1 controller acting as a shield and the other as a sword. Man that would be killer for game like Demon Souls.

  • Darrin

    I’m sure that this motion tech will eventually have major uses in games and in non-game applications.

    But at the same time, most of the early products that try to do something big with this will almost definitely be complete flops, and the real great applications will probably look nothing like what we’ve seen and what Sony,Microsoft,Nintendo have demoed or are currently building.

    You would be a fool to not be both extremely excited and extremely skeptical about this technology.

  • TheRealMaxPower

    Good post Darrin. Agree completely.

    I hope it is worth buying but I highly doubt a day one purchase is in my future for this or Natal.