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EyePet Now Scheduled for a Fall Release in US |

The eye pet was originally scheduled for a fall release in 2009 in the US and EU, but was only released in EU. The date was pushed back to April here, and then kinda just disappeared. Well, with the announcement of the PlayStation Move, Eye Pet has resurfaced and promises to be better than before. It was announced that the game will come bundled with a PS Move, and will contain many new costumes and items not in the EU version. No mention if these items are completely new, or are items that have become available as DLC in the EU PS Store.

The Move will allow you to feed, dress, and style your Eye Pet, as well as draw items on the screen that will become 3D items for the Eye Pet to play with. My daughters have anxiously been awaiting this game since it was announced about this time last year. They even asked if I would fly to Europe to buy them a copy. 😀 Anyway, it looks like they will have to wait a little while longer, but the wait seems to be well worth it.

  • JimmyMagnum

    lol, you could always import from amazon UK. Only problem is, DLC would have to be from the EU store i believe

  • oly1kenobi

    Yes they have a ton of DLC in the EU store

  • Dee

    I’m in the uk, i’ve only just noticed this ps move, it looks great, but i’ve already got eyepet, i got it as a present as soon as it was realesed, which i was over joyed at, but i would like to know, now they’re bringing this ps move out, will they be re-releseing eyepet just so the ps move will work with it, or will they be putting a update on the ps store so it’ll work?