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February 2010 Sales |

Hardware Sales USA+Japan

Platform United States Japan Total Year Over Year Change
PlayStation 2 101,900 7,711 109,611 -27.67%
PlayStation Portable 133,400 158,389 291,789 -12.47%
Xbox 360 422,000 12,042 434,042 -2.74%
PlayStation 3 360,100 110,154 470,254 29.40%
Wii 397,900 141,543 539,443 -34.95%
Nintendo DS 613,200 193,974 807,174 -1.29%

Top Ten Japan (Media Create)

Title Platform Release Date Sales for the Month
God Eater PSP 2010-02-04 449,136
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie DS 2010-01-28 312,419
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Wii 2009-12-03 169,942
Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition PS3 2010-02-18 140,175
Tomodachi Collection (Friend Collection) DS 2009-06-18 127,131
Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International PS3 2010-02-04 120,233
Wii Fit Plus Wii 2009-10-01 73,165
Prince of Tennis: School Festival Prince: More Sweet Edition DS 2010-02-11 51,348
Quiz Magic Academy DS: Two Space Time Stones DS 2010-02-11 51,328
Resonance of Fate PS3 2010-01-28 40,836

Top Ten USA (NPD)

Title Platform Publisher Sales for the Month
BioShock 2 Xbox 360 Take-Two 562,900
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Wii Nintendo 555,600
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Activision 314,300
Just Dance Wii Ubisoft 275,400
Wii Sports Resort Wii Nintendo 272,500
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Activision 252,800
Mass Effect 2 360 EA 246,500
Dante’s Inferno (Divine Edition) PS3 EA 242,500
Dante’s Inferno 360 EA 224,700
Heavy Rain PS3 Sony 219,300

I’m disappointed that the PS3 still can’t match the 360 in sales even when the price/value scale is so heavily tilted in the PS3’s favor at this point and with the PS3 having a stronger software lineup as well.

I’m also surprised to see Bioshock 2 do so well on 360 and not even chart on PS3. Obviously, that game built excitement among a very 360 centric audience during its ~14 month 360 exclusivity window.

I’m glad to see PS3 sell reasonably well in USA+Japan combined, and I can only imagine that it sold equally well in Europe. It’s also nice that while every other system had a year over year decline in Japan+USA sales, PS3 had a strong growth.

  • JimmyMagnum

    a lot of it is probably due to the stock shortages

  • Yeah. Sony needs to pump up production.

  • Luke

    It better be because of the stock shortages because I don’t understand how in he hell the PS3 is getting beat by the Xbox 360. The P3 has so much going for it right now and it’s still in 3rd.

  • Darrin

    Well, PS3 is ahead of 360 in Japan+US totals, and probably worldwide. But in USA, PS3 is third, which doesn’t make much sense to me.

    I’m sure the stock shortages had some effect, but I don’t think that is it. I think 360 has a better brand in the USA at the moment for whatever reason.

  • kennygk

    People are biased against the PS3 because it came out later and it started out bad even though it is a better console right now.

  • spacesquirrel

    It sucks that there is no NPD-like data for European Union.

  • Gibb

    I want to see some EU numbers too!

  • lordincubus

    I also think that alot of the 360 Sales are replacments for red ring of death units. I know that sounds dumb but I know 4 kids that got RROD and bought new systems because they already had all the games and stuff. PS3 Sales in March are going to be outstanding as long as the system is available. I think they have slowed down production on the system in order to keep costs down. I think PS3 is right where it needs to be. Once the PS move hits the market you will see Japan adopts it first because of the eye toy combination. Us will slowly follow and wii sales will really take a hit. (unless they lower their price to $99)

  • AJ

    PS3 should takeover 360 once it gets in-built Netflix integration & 3D upgrades…

  • Trieloth

    Well in my town its extremely hard to get a PS3. Target, Walmart, Gamespot, Bestbuy, K-mart, dont have any, and thats been that way for well over 3 weeks. I look for game bargins twice a week every week and I glance at the PS3 stock. Bestbuy gets them once in a while but they are gone fast…kinda reminds my of the Wii madness.

  • andré van jaarsveldt

    Gr8 to see PS3 sales up!!!
    Keep it going Sony