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Uncharted Fantasy? |

Final Fantasy XIII’s release isn’t a year old yet but that’s not stopping  Square Enix from discusing the future of the series.

Speaking at the GDC last night, FFXIII director Motomu Toriyama hinted that future titles in the series just may include more player interactivity. His inspiration? Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2.

”I think there will be more interactivity (in future Final Fantasy cut scenes) — if you have 1000 flying dragons, hopping from one dragon to the other would be great fun,” said Toryiama.“If you can achieve that compared with Uncharted 2, I think that Final Fantasy is going to replicate the masterpieces of film, and that is certainly one of our goals.”

Now that would be one Final Fantasy I’d stand in a hurricane to buy.

  • I heard that it may be a “direct sequel”. I assume something along the lines of FFX-2. But in this case it would be FFXIII-2

    On one hand, I wish that SE would release games a hell of a lot quicker… But on the other hand when they rush, the final product isn’t usually all that great.