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The Weekly Recap (March 7th-13th) |

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Another pretty busy week. Surprisingly, though, this week didn’t have as many submissions as last week. For the most part, this week circled around God of War III and the Game Developer Conference, which took place in San Francisco in the later half of the week. The biggest announcement out of the event? The PS3’s motion controller finally got a name in Move, and was on hand for people who attended to try it out, including a SOCOM 4 demo. Darrin also posted a small commentary on the controller, versus the Wii Remote. It’s definitely promising technology, and we’re all hoping that Sony can capitalize on the device and make it a success. Given their past failures of getting add-ons popularized (the HDD in PS2, the Eye and EyeToy, etc), it’s an uphill battle.

Getting back to God of War III, the review embargo had been lifted and the game has received overwhelming positive scores. Trev is working on his own right now, and I’m contemplating doing one myself (who says we can’t have 2 reviews of the same game?). Details of the cost of the game also came through ($44 Million) and a new Kevin Butler ad was released as well. Also be sure to check the launch screens I posted last night if you would like. I’m stoked for this title, and it will be a contender for Game of the Year for sure, but I feel that Red Dead Redemption has a very, very good chance of making that happen, but we’ll see!

Other stuff this week? Fleakitten wrote a review for White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, so be sure to give that a read. Naughty Dog would like to see the Uncharted franchise head to the PSP, and many are suspecting that if this were to happen, the guys who did Daxter would most likely be the ones to do so. There are also plenty of screenshots of games and trailers this week as well, including a few put up just for fun. I definitely advise you to check out the entirety of the recap!

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Not a whole lot going on community-wise. There are 3 days left for the giveaway, though, so if you haven’t sent in your ‘lottery tickets’, be sure to do so by Wednesday! Limit is 1000 points, each ticket being 250, so keep that in mind. There’s also a group for Game Night, so to know when we will be online. be sure to join the group and keep track of what’s going on!

This week, we had a total of 44 submissions (which is very good) and 5 QuickNews submissions. Out of all that? Well, here’s this week’s recognitions:

Contributor of the Week

  • oly1kenobi – 12 Entries

QuickNews Contributor of the Week

  • oly1kenobi and JimmyMagnum – 2 Entries

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[tab:Gaming News]

March Madness! God of War III vs Final Fantasy XIII
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God of War 3 reviews around the web
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God of War 3 Makes Top News Stories on Google
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Valve’s Future has no Mention of the PS3
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Update to Battlefield Bad Company 2 on PlayStation 3
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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands First Look
Gary – March 8th

The Path to Olympus
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Hustle Kings New Features Incoming
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New Red Dead Redemption Screens
Marc Macayan – March 9th

L.A. Noire Might Become Exclusive for the PS3 Again
oly1kenobi – March 9th

Lady Gaga’s Poker Face by Eric Cartman for Rock Band
oly1kenobi – March 9th

God of War 3 Cost $44million to Develop
oly1kenobi – March 9th

Sony to get HD Movies from all 6 Major Motion Picture Studios
Marc Macayan – March 9th

Kevin Butler God of War III Commercial
JimmyMagnum – March 9th

Rock Band 3 Just Announced for Holiday 2010 Release
oly1kenobi – March 9th

Need a Reason to Try the Just Cause 2 Demo? Watch These
oly1kenobi – March 9th

F1 2010 Out September 2010
Trev – March 10th

G4 Streaming GDC 2010 Sony Press Conference | Community Live Blog
Tosh – March 10th

PS3 Motion Controller Q&A
Tosh – March 10th

Final Super Street Fighter 4 character revealed
Marc Macayan – March 10th

PlayStation Move – New Trademark Application in Europe
Tosh – March 10th

Final Fantasy XIII Ships 5 million Copies
oly1kenobi – March 10th

GDC 2010: Sports Champions for the PlayStation Move Announced
oly1kenobi – March 10th

PlayStation Move Official – GDC Press Conference Recap and Replay
JimmyMagnum – March 10th

GDC 2010: High Resolution PlayStation Move Shots
JimmyMagnum – March 10th

GDC 2010: Motion Fighter
JimmyMagnum – March 10th

GDC 2010: Move B-Roll and Image Galleries
JimmyMagnum – March 10th

PlayStation Move vs. Wiimote?
Darrin – March 10th

PlayStation Move Hands On
Tosh – March 11th

Monkey Island SE and Monkey Island 2 SE Coming to PSN
Luke – March 11th

Playstation Move Heading to Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest
Luke – March 11th

36 Listed to develop games for the Playstation Move
Marc Macayan – March 11th

PlayStation Move Developer Diary #2
Tosh – March 11th

EyePet Now Scheduled for a Fall Release in US
oly1kenobi – March 11th

February 2010 Sales
Darrin – March 11th

Green Day: Rockband to be Released on June 8, 2010
oly1kenobi – March 11th

Final Fantasy XIV Alpha/Beta Info is Here!
Eddie – March 12th

You Think This Is The Real Snake?
Trev – March 12th

PlayStation Move takes up very little memory
Tosh – March 12th

White Knight Chronicles: International Review
Fleakitten – March 12th

Off-Screen Video of Crysis 2
Marc Macayan – March 12th

Naughty Dog Wants Uncharted on PSP
Acezakj – March 13th

God of War III Launch Screens
JimmyMagnum – March 13th

Uncharted Fantasy?
Fleakitten – March 13th

Aliens vs Predator Map Pack DLC Available March 18th
oly1kenobi – March 9th

Free DLC Coming to White Knight Chronicles
Fleakitten – March 10th

PlayStation Move Battery Life Revealed
JimmyMagnum – March 11th

PS Store to soon offer Pre-sales?
oly1kenobi – March 12th

Missed a Kevin Butler Ad?
JimmyMagnum – March 13th
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We currently have a group set up in the Community for discussing game nights and the like. You can join the group here. There currently are not any future planned events (there was one for earlier this afternoon, but I missed it myself), but if you’d like to start one, shout it out in the group!
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Well, that’s it for me! Next week may prove to be kind of slow, since the highly anticipated God of War III will be released and a lot of us are most likely going to be spending a lot of time on that (either that, or be out of town for spring break). I will be sure to get my weekly dedications on here for you guys, though (new releases, store update, etc).

Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a good one this week![tab:END]

  • oly1kenobi

    Contributor of the week.. wow I thought for sure I had slacked off some this week.. lol Nice Recap Jimmy!