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New Game Releases for the Week of 03/14/10 |

Since a lot of us are going to be enjoying God of War III (myself included) I wanted to get this done today. In the US, there’s actually quite a bit releasing, so be sure to check out the list. Resonance of Fate releases, as does Dragon Age Awakening. If you’re into motorcycle racing simulation MotoGP 09/10 comes out, too. There’s also a few others, but honestly, it’s going to be pretty hard topping God of War III! Be sure to read Trev’s review, too.

I don’t have the PSP section since their release calendar changes all the time, and my source doesn’t have anything listed for this week anyway. Ah well, I think the PS3 releases this week more than make up for the lack of PSP games.

PlayStation 3

God of War III – March 16th // ESRB M
MotoGP 09/10 – March 16th // ESRB E
Dragon Age: Origins-Awakening – March 16th // ESRB M
Resonance of Fate – March 16th // ESRB T
Prison Break: The Conspiracy – March 16th // ESRB T

God of War III – March 19th // PEGI 18
MotoGP 09/10 – March 19th // PEGI 3

God of War III – March 18th // OFLC MA15+

Yakuza 4 – March 18th

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  • What is God of War 3? does it look any good?

  • EdEN

    Well, I’ve seen some previews and it seems alright. Might give it a rental first and see how it goes…