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Why SCEA Should Have Published Demon’s Souls in North America |


The relatively little known publisher named Atlus posted big profits for the first half of their fiscal year. They made $378 million yen ( around $4.15m usd ) which is up 236.1% when compared to the same period last year. The company’s  North American branch is credited for generating the most profit. That’s all thanks to Atlus publishing the PS3 exclusive Demon’s Souls in North America.

After becoming one of the fastest selling imported games from Japan last year, Demon’s Souls went on to sell over 150,000 copies in it’s first month alone when Atlus brought it to North America. It quickly sold out in many areas across the country.

Demon’s Souls became the sleeper hit of 2009 with little-to-no advertising backing the new IP. GameSpot crowned the niche role-playing game 4 awards last year which were; Overall Game of the Year,Best PS3 game,Best Role-Playing game and Best Original Game Mechanic (for the online integration).Game Trailers award it Best RPG and Best New Intellectual Property while RPGFan awarded it Best RPG for the PS3 and Best Console Action-RPG. IGN also awarded the game Best RPG for the PS3.  PC World awarded it Game of the Year ( and the game isn’t even for the PC). RPGamer awarded Demon’s Souls RPG of the Year 2009, including Best Graphics and Best PS3 RPG.

Why SCEA passed on publishing Demon’s Souls is any one’s guess but right now,I’m sure Atlus is glad they did.

  • JimmyMagnum

    lol, that’s crazy, especially in this day and age!

  • Sony is now admitting they made a mistake not publishing DS in North America.

  • Someone needs to bloody well publish this in Australia!!! 😡

  • hobbes

    some fo the hardcore fans are worried sony will force the DEVS to dumb down the 2nd one by trying to make it more for the general public. I doubt they’ll do that, as I do think sony understand this(see shadow of the colossus) it’s not a huge game sales wise go, and sony lets them stick to their guns.

    As long as sony doesn’t try to change things with it, i’ll be happy. Definitely the most rewarding game i’ve ever played

  • @ Gary Import 😉

    @hobbes I hope FROM SOFTWARE doesn’t let that happen. Alot of people ,including me,loved how the game forces you to learn and adjust or die.

    We have enough devs prefering to hold your hand in some of their games instead of challenge gamers’ skills.