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Recap: God of War 3 Midnight Launch |

Kratos Killing Employee

Ok, a quick recap because a couple fun things happened. When they let us in at 10 pm, there was a employee with a Kratos mask on. So I asked him to murder his fellow employee. I was disappointed in his attempt to kill him.

After I got my ticket I went home for a while, posted on a Live Blog for a bit. While at home I notice this comment on the Live Blog:

That’s the store I was at. Are they doing anything there?
-Kory West

He recognized the other guy in the photo above, lol. I came back to Gamestop around 11:30 pm. Luckily the doors where open so I could wait inside at least. Then this guy in the red coat recognized me from my avatar and we chatted for a bit.

A little before midnight they did a drawing for the Kratos mask and a huge God of War 3 poster that was in there window last month. I didn’t win 🙁 Right at midnight the place was packed wall to wall with people. I should had snapped a quick photo when I left. But I wanted to play God of War 3 asap!

My ticket was #1 so I was the first out of there. Played it for about an hour then went to bed. First impressions … this game is epic and totally worthy of the hype it’s receiving. It was so hard to put it down. I had to play it with headphones on last night. So I kind of want to replay the first part again with my surround sound on.

How was your midnight launch?

  • Royalty32

    My midnite launch was pretty cool. The manager played the poisiden(cant spell) battle. My mouth was on the floor the whole time. I went home and was blown away. The game looks BEAUTIFUL. I did have one glitch but it didnt ruin the game. Best game ive ever played so far. Truley an EPIC game. 10/10 and my choice rite now for GOTY. GOW3 is just that awsome period.

  • sounds like it was a great launch for you Tosh. I cant wait to play this.

  • Legion213

    I pre-ordered the God of War 3 Ultimate edition through Wal-mart’s website. As I suspected, I get an email this morning saying they had more pre-orders then they had games. Due to a website error.

    Plus side is I get a free copy of the regular edition.
    Down side is I don’t know when my refund will come through. As I paid with Paypal using my credit card.

  • Kratos with glasses just doesn’t work for me lol…

    Looks like a must have. Seems like they all are these days!

  • JimmyMagnum

    The one I went to, we didn’t have numbered tickets, so after they ring you out, they mark your receipt to come get it at midnight, but it was first come first serve at that time.

    Anyway, when I got there, it was about exactly 10, and there were already like 10 people who were waiting in line (others were already lined up outside after they were rung out). So I got my receipt checked off, and decided to go to Wal Mart (since it was the same plaza) and bought some snacks and looked around until about 11:40.

    Went back to GameStop and the line grew quite a bit. When I got in it, I was nearing the corner of the building, and before long, I was actually in the middle of the line (since tons of folks started to show).

    When I was rung up at about 10:20, the guy who worked there was telling me how past midnight launches, people didn’t show up at 10. Last week, with FFXIII was different; he said that they had about 40 people show up for the midnight event. After seeing the line and waiting, I think the GoWIII at my location had quite a bit more than FFXIII did lol