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Sexy XMB Improvements |

Now before we all start shooting up our 360s/Wiis with an Ak-47 after looking at this picture i have no details of this, it was shown to me from a friend i have no idea if its a rumor/true. I just think I would give a leg for this to happen haha. (Not Really kinda need that)

[Update] Via thesixthaxis

  • Chris

    No way! I hope to God this s**t is real…

  • This would … I … *loss of words*

  • This looks promising. Hope it’s true.

  • steffo

    If you read the TSA article, it’s simply some very good concepts by a chap from NeoGAF who’s PSN ID is caemgen.

    Sorry to burst any bubbles…

  • OMG! This would be so neat!

  • I dont really like them…
    They’re very… lets say… ‘photoshopy’

    But XMB should get some updates tho.

  • War10ck

    man this would be sooooo f*cking awsome

  • TheRealMaxPower

    And this folks is one reason why I gladly pay $40 a year for Live.

    Would love to see it on the PS3 as it is a fantastic feature.

  • JimmyMagnum

    yeah, but then again, if Sony were to follow these concepts, PSN would still be free.

  • JimmyStewart

    Been saying it for a while but this sort of response is NEEDED for the trophies. Hopefully this is real. It’s almost impossible to get excited about my trophies. After they pop up I spend about 3 minutes trying to load up the menu and remember the trophy title as I scroll through a smei-long list just so I can see what the trophy was actually for. At this point I don’t bother. It should just be a simple button press.

    And I’m with TheRealMaxPower on this one, but it’s really a win win. It’s why Live is worth the price. I’m paying to get the intuitive interface and game changing features that more often than not make their way to the PSN after 2-4 years. In a way Live subscribers are paying to get these features on all console. Let’s face it, if it’s a good feature we should want it on all of the consoles, regardless of which companies brand is on the front.