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New Community Features |

Just turned on some features in the new community part of the site. They where actually there to begin with, but it wasn’t working correctly. I just found a fix for it today.

You can now filter the activity, by the following. These options will differ depending on which page your on.

  • No Filter
  • Show Updates
  • Show Blog Posts
  • Show Blog Comments (This only shows comments left by site members)
  • Show New Groups
  • Show New Group Memberships
  • Show Friendship Connections
  • Show New Members
  • Last Active
  • Most Members
  • Newly Created
  • Alphabetical
  • Show New Group Memberships

This works on the site activity, profile, groups and members directory pages.

You can now search on the members directory and groups page. When you search for games, time zones, where people live, etc. on the members directory. It will filter the results on that page.

That’s about it for now. Try it out.


  1. JimmyMagnum


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