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PlayStation.Blog Share |


This might actually prove to be pretty big, but the Official Blog now has a new feature called Share, which allows you to submit ideas and suggestions for anything PlayStation related. They said that they read all of the ideas and monitor their popularity based on user votes. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Share uses a lot of the same Blog features you should already be quite familiar with, with the notable addition of a voting system. If you’ve ever visited Digg (or Reddit, etc.) you already know how this works: if you like an idea, you vote it up. If you hate an idea, vote it down. We’ll be keeping track of the popularity of an idea (the +/-) and also the volume (total number of votes). Authors that submit the most popular ideas will find themselves ranking on our leaderboard (which is really just for fun/bragging rights). It’s also important to note that we’re restricting idea submissions to one per person per day at launch, as we don’t want just a handful of people to “run the site.” We’d like to see ideas from as diverse a group of people as possible, and we think this rule will help.

You can read the FAQ here. As far as Share itself, you can reach that page over here. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of the good ideas come to fruition!