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Red Dead Redemption Video “Life in the West” |

Life in the West, Red Dead Redemption’s latest in-depth video shows the type of environment John Marston will be dealing with.

The video shows different areas and its unique challenges. From wild animals to bandits, every area shows that the environment is filled with violence. Video also revealed that there will be hundreds of characters that will be populating the Western World of Red Dead Redemption, each with a distinct personality. Every area has its own unique ecosystem too, with a variety of animals and plant life.

Now that God of War is released, this now becomes my most anticipated game.

  • Great trailer, indeed one to watch

  • TheRealMaxPower

    I was rather pissed when this was delayed a few weeks. This has been my most anticipated game for a while now. The old west isn’t done often, and usually it is done poorly.

    I really want something different and this should be it. Really pumped for an open world old west game.

  • Foshizzle

    When the game was delayed to may I was mad, too, but when it does come out it will probably have less bugs. I hope this game is going to keep me occupied for a real long time once i get it though!