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Friends Really Against Grenade Spam |

Hey, you remember when Infinity Ward released that unbelievably offensive “Fight Against Grenade Spam” video starring Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels to promote Modern Warfare 2? (sorry to remind you!), but Battlefield developer DICE just released its own variation of the video(Found below) starring New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia to explain why grenade spam isn’t so much of an issue in Bad Company 2.(Don’t Remember Mw2 ad find it here)

According to CC, due to the variety of other gameplay options (destructible environments, a handful of different vehicles and “adrenaline pumping weapons”), grenade spam isn’t the same problem that it is in “competing games of this particular genre.” (It probably helps that each class only starts with one grenade too, huh?) Rather than being sponsored by the notorious acronym that closed out Infinity Ward’s ad, this one ends with: “Friends Really Against Grenade Spam.”

  • Trieloth

    Funny video but Seriously that grenade spamming IS for ****** *****. Nothing pisses me of more then when I get killed by a team mate because he’s is spamming grenades. Learn how to shoot or gtfo.