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God of War III Not Over Yet? |


Beaten God of War III yet? Of course you have, but have you Platinumed it yet? 

If not then, then you need to if you want to unlock a hidden award. The reward is a link to a secret page hidden on the GOW III website. I could give you the link but that’d be too easy, wouldn’t it? You’d rather earn the Platinum for it wouldn’t you?

Okay! You twisted my arm!

Spartans Stand Tall is the hidden link.

What does it mean? A new playable character? An expansion pack? Kratos with hair??

We’ll find out soon.

  • Andy

    All I see is a puddle and some rain, is something supposed to happen?

  • JimmyMagnum

    its like the MGS: Rising site before it was announced lol

  • Legion213

    E3? maybe just wishful thinking

  • Royalty32

    [spoiler intro=”Spoiler Alert”]The ending was a bit confusing to me?????? I mean is Kratos dead or alive.[/spoiler]

  • Royalty32

    [spoiler intro=”Spoiler Alert”]If it goes along with the ending(which is confusing) the kratos is gonna rise from the river.[/spoiler]

  • genbatzu

    bwaaah don’t spoiler O_o

    omg >.<

  • JimmyMagnum

    I put them in spoiler tags.

  • Royalty32

    WHOOPS! OMG yall im so sorry. Honestly it totally slipped my mind. Damn, i totatlly forgot. SORRY

  • Olly

    Hey, guys have any of your looked into this, im abit of geek.. i know some stuff about the website, nothing magor but yeah. and ive been looking at both Flv files (theres two but you cant see the diffrence) and there seems to be something the water.
    anyway question was, can i post/talk about any speculation here? olly

  • RandyRock

    [spoiler]Maybe im looking to far into this but heres my theory. All gods are dead except one. Just so happens to be the one u get busy with (Aphrodite). Kratos jr? like i said might just be looking too far into this, but it would be awesome.[/spoiler]