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Interview with T.C. Carson, the voice of Kratos |

One of the factors that defines Kratos’ anger and rage is his voice. Once Kratos opens his mouth you know that someone is about get their body ripped in half. His voice adds to the adrenaline pump that the amazing action scenes already give you in God of War, and Terrence C. Carson has done an awesome job of giving that voice to Kratos.

Check out this interview with T.C. Carson as he talks about what its like in voicing an angry character who is determined to bring Olympus down.

Besides voicing Kratos, he has done work with TV shows like Afro Samurai, Star Wars: The Clone War, and Cliffor (yes, the Big Red Dog). He has done work with other video games too, such as Saints Row and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror.

  • I know TC Carson from Living Single, it used to play right before Martin oh so many moons ago. Two very popular shows around my way…

    As you mentioned above, he’s been in so many video games, cartoons and anime. Long story short dude rocks…

    I need to pick this game up lol *twitches*

  • Same deal here Markus. I used to watch those shows…but today I don’t know what I saw in them then.

    Didn’t know he did Kratos’ voice though.

    Kudos to TC.

  • Living single was just the show that kind of filled in that time slot imo… Something of a similar genre that came before or after Martin, I forget.

    Martin is still pretty good. His stand up is hillarious!

    T.Cs background is actually in theater (which he discusses in the video). Idk, I guess I’m just glad he’s still around and working hehe.

    PS: I’d LOVE to do some video game voice acting! 😛

  • Markus: I know TC Carson from Living Single

    I knew he looked familiar .. lol
    This was a fun interview to watch. Thanks for posting it 🙂