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The Weekly Recap (March 14th-20th) |

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First off, Trev has reviewed God of War III, so be sure to check that out. When I get a chance, I’m going to write one of my own. Speaking of God of War III, with it’s release last week, there was a few posts on it, including the Midnight Launch events some of us attended.

Marc posted a couple videos for both EA’s MMA and UFC Undisputed 2010. As well as a bunch of other articles, including the Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY edition being confirmed for the US now as well. Acezakj also made quite a showing while a lot of us heavy hitters were either preoccupied or busy this week, so I definitely appreciate you guys for stepping up!

The Move also made a few headlines as well. A new Kevin Butler ad proved to be popular (and shot my fan page to over 2200), which showcased the Move, and took a couple shots at both the Wii and Natal. A couple more titles have also been announced for the device as well. Also be sure to check out the Tech Demos from the Engadget Show yesterday, which Tosh posted earlier.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad week, but there weren’t too many big announcements. E3 should prove to be one hell of an event, though.

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Alrighty, on the 17th, the winners for the 5 year anniversary giveaway were announced, and the winners were Eddie and Trieloth for the long time members, and Oly1Kenobi and EdEn, congratulations to you guys! (Except for maybe Oly, who obviously fixed the drawing :P). Also, be sure to check out the new ways to get more points!

There is also very little time left for the God of War III Poster and Code giveaway, so if you’re interested in that, get your points sent ASAP.

Tosh is also stressing everyone to Update their profiles. This makes it easier to find other members on the site that plays the same games as you, as well as your PSN ID, etc, if you so choose to post it.

Anyway, here’s the recognitions for this week, out of 36 articles:

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  • Marc Macayan – 9 Entries

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  • N/A – 0 Entries

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Medal of Honor Trailer: Experts in the application of violence
Marc Macayan – March 14th

MW2 DLC Way Way Way Overpriced
Blackstaffer – Blackstaffer

God Of War III Review
Trev – March 15th

Need a Reason to Play AVP? Predators Sneak Peek Might Get You Excited
Oly1Kenobi – March 15th

Rumor: Insomniac Games Going Multiplatform
Acezakj – March 15th

FFXIII conquers UK Charts, PS3 version outsells 360 release
Acezakj – March 15th

Gamespot Midnight Launch for God of War 3 | Community Live Blog
Tosh – March 15th

Why SCEA Should Have Published Demon’s Souls in North America
Fleakitten – March 15th

God of War III Ultimate Edition Unboxing
Marc Macayan – March 15th

Sexy XMB Improvements
Acezakj – March 15th

Recap: God of War 3 Midnight Launch
Tosh – March 16th

It Only Does Jaw Dropping
Trev – March 16th

ModNation Racers Preorder Goodies
Fleakitten – March 16th

Just Cause 2 to get lots of DLC
Marc Macayan – March 16th

UFC Undisputed 2010: BJ Penn Trailer
Marc Macayan – March 16th

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition will reach US this May
Marc Macayan – March 16th

Majin: The Fallen Realm New Trailer
Fleakitten – March 17th

First footage of F1 2010
Trev – March 17th

PlayStation.Blog Share
JimmyMagnum – March 17th

Kevin Butler Takes Shots at Wii and Natal
JimmyMagnum – March 17th

Red Dead Redemption Video “Life in the West”
Marc Macayan – March 17th

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
Trev – March 18th

EA Sports’ MMA Trailer
Marc Macayan – March 18th

Toy Story 3, Brunswick Pro Bowling added to PlayStation Move’s High Quality List
Acezakj – March 18th

Friends Really Against Grenade Spam
Acezakj – March 18th

Episodes from Liberty City Delayed to April
JimmyMagnum – March 18th

God of War III Not Over Yet?
Fleakitten – March 18th

Skate 3’s Skate School with Coach Frank
Marc Macayan – March 18th

MAG DLC and Double XP Weekend
Trev – March 18th

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker CO-OP Action
Trev – March 19th

God Of War III Nutritional Information
Trev – March 19th

How excited are you about stereoscopic 3D?
Darrin – March 19th

Dark Energy Digital’s “Jaw-Dropping” Reveal
Fleakitten – March 19th

Jack Tretton Promises “Killzone 3″
Eddie – March 20th

PlayStation Move Live on Engadget Show at 2PM Pacific Time
JimmyMagnum – March 20th

Interview with T.C. Carson, the voice of Kratos
Marc Macayan – March 20th

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Not much else to say. Thanks for reading, though! Don’t forget, later this week, Eddie will also be attending and blogging live from PAX, so hopefully you can hang around while that’s going on!

  • Yes I fixed the drawing by sending a trogan virus to Tosh’s computer and manually controlling its every move.. muha ahha ha..

  • Nice recap!