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Winners of the God of War 3 Giveaway |

We had 10 entries in this giveaway totaling 2500 points. Here are the winners of the giveaway after the jump.

Luke – God of War 3 poster
Macdory – Phantom of Chaos character skin
Acezakj – Kratos Morpheus Armor character skin

Here is the screen capture of me picking the winners. For a fyi for those that won the character skins. You can’t redeem those until you have beaten God of War 3 at least once. Congratulations to the winners! Keep earning those points, who knows what’s next 😉

  • sweet thanks tosh and congradulations to everyone else who won as well

  • topthis

    So legit. SO CLOSE! Thank you for visual do that more often and I can’t wait till the next entries!

  • congratulations* its 12:16 i’m tired…

  • Congratumalations!!

    One day I will win a competition. 😆

  • Macdory

    Thank you

  • Grats winners!

  • Sinlock

    Let us know what features the (if any) the Morpheus Armor adds.

  • EdEN

    Well, odds were good since only ten of us had entered. Still, congratulations to those that won. Please enjoy your prizes for those of us that have to stare at the list not including our names…

  • WOW that is a pretty cool system you have setup, it relly does make it fair.

    I love how I just donate 3 hours earlier and won!

    Congrats to the other winners.
    Thanks for the contest!

  • Damn I wanted that poster! lol
    Congrats to the winners! More raffles please lol