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Kick-Ass Game coming to the PSN |

Kick-Ass the game is coming to the PlayStation Network on April 15, 2010. It is loosely based on the Kick-Ass movie, and looks similar to the Watchmen game that was released on the PSN as well. Mark Millar, best known for writing Wanted, wrote the comic book Kick-Ass, which spawned the movie. The comic was awesome, the movie looks great, and the game, well not so much. I am really looking forward to the movie, but will be passing on this game. Anyway enjoy the trailer.


  1. Well, it all depends on pricing. A small action game like this every now and then doesn’t hurt…

  2. Errrr not sure what to think of this. It might be good, I’d have to get my hands on it to see though.

  3. true pricing would play a big part

  4. Idk, I think I would pay $9.99-12.99 for this. It depends what else is in the store at the time.

    I have a hard time finding simple, decent coop games to play with my more casual gaming friends.

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