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PS3 Amazon Gold Box Deals all day |

Check out all the deals here. Right now you can snag Tekken 6 for $17.99 which is 70% off!

Here are the clues.

6AM PDT: Batman: Arkham Asylumm: $29.99 (All gone)
9AM PDT: Tekken 6: $17.99
1PM PDT: “You might have played this RPG on your 360”
4PM PDT: “Help Lego Dr. Jones through your favorite cinematic moments”
6PM PDT: “Wave around your PS3”
7PM PDT: “Don’t ‘tapout’ on this great MMA deal”

  • Great post Tosh, I don’t know if I will pick any of these up… depending on what the last 2 ar going to be but gret post nonetheless.

  • second to last.. Wave.. hmmm??

  • hobbes

    wave, maybe a 3rd party controller… thing hte 360 one maybe star ocean

  • Legion213

    Sweet I got Tekken 6 for $18. Also ordered The Book of Five Rings to get super saver shipping.

  • EdEN

    Batman at $29.99 sure flew out the window. Great game (I got the Collector’s Edition at launch and while the batarang isn’t THAT great, the box it comes in as well as the leather bound artbook make up for it. Plus the game is reaaaaally good and a joy to Platinum…

  • Legion213

    Yeah I wish I had gotten there sooner because I traded mine in after I completed it, and now I want to play it again.

  • More people took advantage of the Tekken 6 deal than the Batman one.

    SO4 is up now.