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Heavy Rain Gets Derailed |

Here’s a clip from the 2005 film Derailed, looks like David Cage got a bit of inspiration for the character of Scott Shelby in Heavy Rain…

  • genbatzu

    xD even the voice… sounds familiar ^^
    and this ‘sorry about that’

  • Lol. That’s a lot more than a ‘bit’ of inspiration.

  • jerry

    Pretty much the same character. I traded my copy of heavy rain in for FF13 but I will rebuy it once It is about 30 to 40 bucks.

  • Mason

    That’s got to be the same actor who did the voice in the game, no?

  • Trieloth

    Wow it looks exactly like the guy in Heavy Rain lol. Makes me want to play the game some more.

  • It is Sam Douglas (the same actor), my post was intended to highlight the similarities between the characters he has played. Or am I just exposing Sam Douglas’ lack of diversity…

  • Lol ya it wasn’t an inspiration for David Cage, it was just the same actor playing his Detective..

  • oops hit submit.. Even the arm moving is exactly the same… Awesome.. I’m working on Platnum for this, but getting all the endings is taking awhile, as im not looking any up, and trying to figure them all out.. Got to get the most for my $59 lol

  • Ceidz

    OMG !

  • [spoiler]Dammit, you mean Clive Owen could have caught the Origami Killer way back in 2005?[/spoiler]

  • lmao, no way

  • lol

  • EdEN

    Want to get the most out of a $60 purchase? Try Platinum on FF XIII or Disgaea 3 (with extra DLC chapters).