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InFamous 2: Why I’m Calling For Multiplayer |

Sucker Punch’s InFamous offered an interesting single player experiance that gamers and critics all praised. The Good or Evil Karma choices in the game gave us the incintive to replay it atleast twice. After both paths were completed, the joyride through Empire City was over.

With the accidental twitter confirmation that a sequel is in the works, I’m crossing my fingers that Cole won’t be left to defend Empire City alone. After all, multiplayer additions is what help put the icing on the cake for Uncharted 2. If done right, it can do the same for InFamous 2.

It doesn’t have to be on the same scale as Uncharted 2’s multiplayer options. I’m thinking more of an online and/or offline co-op feature where 2 people can play as either Cole or someone else in the story to help complete mission objectives.

With or without multiplayer, I’m still eager to revisit Empire City whenever InFamous 2 is released.

  • Darrin

    Open world multiplayer hasn’t been a huge hit so far. GTA 4 was good, but not something I go back and replay. Red Dead Redemption looks better, but still open world frag-fest action isn’t at the top of my wish list.

    Nevertheless, Infamous was awesome, and I’m definitely looking forward to another giant project like that from Sucker Punch.

  • Eddie

    How about “Co-op” open world multiplayer?

    Either way…I’m so down for this game. One of my top 5 games this gen i think.

  • I love GTAIV’s multiplayer lol. Free roam anyway, which is great just to let off some steam or just do random sh*t with strangers lol. Turn friendly fire off and you can launch people all over the place with rocket launchers or go in a heli with some friends and cook a grenade without them knowing lol

  • Co-op story mode would be really cool. As far as MP goes it will would have to do something new and hopefully still have a good story mode.

  • kennygk

    Only co-op would work for this game.

  • If I remember correctly, an online mode for inFamous 2 was ‘confirmed’ in a recent issue of OPM UK. Can’t recall if that ‘confirmation’ was based on fact or rumour, though.